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You can get this quest by finding the book “ Lost Legend “ and reading it, which will start this MAJOR quest. Initially, all you are supposed to do is to “Investigate the Gauldur Legend”, which is pretty vague.

To help you out a bit, I’ll tell you this. The legend concerns (as the book points out) a powerful wizard known as Gauldur. He was looked upon jealously by his sons, and murdered. His sons fled and the only real clue the book gives is that “One brother is said to have perished in the ruins of Fulgunthur which is to the NORTHWEST of Morthal .”

May as well start there. Head inside of the ruins and you’ll find dead adventurers as well as dead Draugr . Keep going, watching out for traps until you reach a room with a large dining table. In here you’ll be ambushed by 4-5 Draugr, so take them out. The path out of here is to the right, but be careful of the grated floor dropping out on you (there’s a lever to the right to make it stay in place). Once you go up the stairs you’ll soon see a dead mage by several dead Draugr named Daynas Valen .

He has a notebook on him that explains a GREAT DEAL of this quest and ends up fleshing out this quest a LOT. In fact, once you read his notebook, the “Investigate the Gauldur Legend” part will be complete, and will now separate into THREE new objectives:

*- Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Geirmund’s Hall.

  • Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Folgunthur.

  • Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Saarthal.*

So know we have three objectives to do. Well, we’re already in Folgunthur, so let us start there.

o Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Folgunthur.

From where you found Daynas Valen’s body is where we’ll start (if you’re just now reading this, enter the ruins and proceed until you DO find him: you can’t miss him). Loot the corpse for that notebook and a IVORY DRAGON CLAW . Use the claw on the keyhole he’s lying against to open the way. Kill the Draugr and continue to a room with a couple of thrones (be sure to kill the Draugr that are on the thrones as well).

Enter the room to your right and kill the Draugr at the end, then take mental note of the STATUES in the room (they were SNAKE, WHALE, EAGLE for me). Then, by the far throne out in the main room flip the lever to open another room with rotating statues (kill the Draugr). Now make THESE statues match the ones in the previous room. Once you have that done, go back out to the main room and hit the chain by the grates to open the path onwards.

Continue down into the ruins and kill the spiders you’ll run across. Past them is a long hallway with a DRAGON CLAW door at the end. As you get about halfway through the hallway, the lights will go out and SIX Draugr will rise out of the nearby tombs (hit them while they are getting up!). After you have killed them, make the rings on the door match this:




And then activate the door to open it. Check the table beyond for goodies and proceed into the Folgunthur Crypt .

The crypt is, of course, just plain massive. You KNOW you’re in for a fight, right? Proceed forwards and out of the center tomb will rise Mirkul Gauldurson one of the wizards sons. SEVERAL Draugr will rise with him, so hopefully you have a companion or a handy shout ready to even the odds. Take them all out and once you have killed Mirkul, loot him for the Gauldur Amulet Fragment .

We may as well get out of this area together. Loot the rest of the bodies and use the dragon claw on the RIGHT gate to continue. Up here you will find quite the prize: a DRAGON WALL ! This one teaches FROST - FROST BREATH . Very nice.

There is also a chest with a bunch of goodies here too. Loot away and take the nearby door back to Folgunthur and out to Skyrim. One quick note: you can use the DRAGON CLAW in the room with the dead adventurers to find a hidden chest. Onto the next piece!

Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Saarthal

To be honest, THIS part of the quest is BEST done while doing the MAGE’S COLLEGE quest “ Under Saarthal “. You’ll HAVE to recover a piece of the Gauldur Amulet when doing that quest, so I highly recommend doing it then. Or at the very least, reference THAT part of the guide to find our guide on completing that dungeon.

[Go do the Mage’s College quest “Under Saarthal” to get this piece!]

Once you have it in hand, go to the next piece!

Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Geirmund’s Hall

Geirmund’s Hall is just east of the small town of Ivarstead , which if you’ve played even a little bit of the main questline you’d be able to fast-travel there. Once inside, kill the Skeevers, loot the dead guy, and drop down the hole to the water below. Take note that you can search underwater for a chest that is beyond a doorway (be fast lest you drown) then go through the iron door down here.

Kill the spiders you find. You can pick the right door if you want to grab some random loot, the continue to the left a bit and look at the left-hand side for a chest. This chest is TRAPPED though , so either un-rig it or loot it and move away fast. Watch out for floor plates as you continue.

You’ll go down into some water, but TAKE NOTICE of the WALL SYMBOLS HERE . On the left you’ll see an EAGLE , then a WHALE and on the right you’ll see a WHALE then a SNAKE . On your way to a barred gate up ahead, you’ll see ROTATING STATUES that you have to make MATCH those symbols. Make the statues on the left-hand side go EAGLE then WHALE and on the right-hand side make them go WHALE then SNAKE .

Also, be careful of grabbing the soul gem off the table as it is also trapped and will make a mammoth skull come crashing down at you. There are also a couple of Draugr here. Go to the end after making the statues match and press the lever to continue.

Continue on and kill the Draugr you will find. Before going through another iron door, you will see the final resting place of Archmage Geirmund . Be sure to take his key. Continue through the door and slay the enemies here, then go upwards to the left ( I ran into a Deathlord here, so be careful ). At the end you’ll see a lever by a doorway.

It looks like it MAY drop the bridge in the distance, but DON’T hit it and do a 180 to see another lever. Hit THAT one. Continue on and you’ll run into a blade trap (that a Draugr likely activated, otherwise watch out for floor plates). Get past it (whirlwind shout) and de-activate it to come upon another flooded area. Get ready for a fight.

As you approach the tomb, the last Gauldurson brother will spring forth: Sigdis . Hurt him as much as you can as he rises, because he’ll soon teleport away. See all of the raised areas out in the water? Sigdis will appear out here on one of them (he’s an archer) as will TWO ILLUSIONS . The one way I figured out to tell the REAL one apart from the fakes is that the REAL one has HORNS on his helmet .

Also; you should really stick with ranged if you can afford to, as all of the Sigdis enemies here know UNRELENTING FORCE and you will be thrown around if you try to melee them. Focus your attacks on the real Sigdis and you’ll remerge a victor. Take his piece of the amulet and then explore the area behind his tomb for a chest, a TWO-HANDED SKILLBOOK called Words and Philosophy , and a shortcut back to the world map.

Reforge the Gauldur Amulet

With all three pieces of the Amulet in your possession it is now time to reforge them! Look to the map to see where the next objective points to (it is by Reachwind Cave , east of Markarth ) and make your way there. The place you want to go to is called “ Reachwater Rock “. It’s behind a waterfall .

Once you are in the cave, head down to a pool. Yes, there is a chest down there if you feel like diving. Follow the path to find an EMERALD DRAGONCLAW and a note begging you to turn around. Yeah, we’re going to go forwards. There is a DRAGONCLAW door up ahead, so check out the claw in your possession and make the door match this:




Now activate the door to continue. A BUNCH of doors open up leading to one more DRAGONCLAW door. The answer to THIS one is found on the IVORY DRAGONCLAW , so make the door match this:




With that door opened, head down to find a BIG open (and lonely) room. On the tomb at the end you’ll find THREE places to place your amulet fragments, so save , get ready for a fight, and place them all down.

All three brothers will appear before you and you’ll have to fight them now one after the other. The first one to come down is Mirkul , and he will be joined by a LOT of Draugrs. Summon up some aid if you can and focus on NOT being surrounded. You have if somewhat easy since you can jump the gaps in this place and divide their forces like that.

After killing him, Sigdis will come forwards. He does one better than when you last fought him, as he summons THREE illusions instead of two. They are all spread across the room of course. The best way to do this is to switch to range. The KEY to knowing WHICH Sigdis to hit is that the REAL Sigdis wears a helmet that has HORNS THAT CURL !

Once you take him out you’ll now have to take out Jyrik . Thankfully, compared to Saarthal, he is EASY. For one, he isn’t invincible here. He does cast magic at you and will teleport away every so often, but you have it much easier here than before.

Once you have taken out all three of them, approach the alter to see a scene where Gauldur arrives and takes out all three of his sons. He will then forge the amulet into a single piece, which when worn gives you +30 to your health, magic, AND stamina. VERY nice. The quest is now over, but be sure to grab the gold from Gauldur’s remains as well as loot the chest you’ll find as you make your way back to the world map. Congrats!

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