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Go find Skjor to see what he wants with you. He will tell you that a scholar has told him where to find a fragment of Wuuthrad, the weapon wielded by Ysgramor, founder of the Companions. Skjor will also tell you that Farkas will join you on your journey to judge our valor.

Go find Farkas to confirm this and tell him that you’ll meet him at Dustman’s Cairn. Now it’s time to go there ourself. Dustman’s Cairn is west of the city of Whiterun , not too hard to find especially with Farkas hanging out nearby. Travel there and talk to him, then head inside.

Inside is a Skillbook to increase your Two-Handed ability.

Inside Farkas will comment that someone has been digging here… and to be careful. Loot the corpses here and pick the chest, then read the Skillbook (Two-Handed) called “Battle of Sancre Tor” on the table.

Keep heading inwards and soon you’ll be in a burial room–several inter-connecting burial rooms, actually. This is where some Draugr will attack you; their strength is based on your level. Take them out, loot them, and continue on.

You’ll come to an empty room now, with a locked gate to the right and a room with several potions and a lever in the middle. Make sure Farkas is near you (and healthy) then go into the middle room and hit the lever. Bah, you’re stuck with no way out! Farkas to the rescue! But wait–watch the interesting scene and soon Farkas will let you out.

So, Farkas is a… werewolf. Interesting. Question him to see what “ The Companions “ is really about and he’ll tell you only “ The Circle “ are werewolves, not everyone. Hmm… Well, be sure to loot the victims. You can probably guess, “ The Silver Hand “ are anti-werewolf…

Continue on through the newly opened door. There’s more Silver Hand up ahead, so take them out and open the wooden doors to continue. Even more Silver Hand are up ahead, so be ready. There’s also a chest under the stairs leading upwards. Head up and in the room on the left there is a Master chest. Pick it if you can and continue on with your looting until you reach another set of wooden doors.

The chest shouldn't be difficult to pick, but is good practice nevertheless.

There’s more burial walls here. Put an arrow into any Draugr just laying down to get in preemptive strikes. Keep doing this and moving forwards and you’ll run into another Silver Hand. Take him out with Farkas and head downwards, picking a chest and past another wooden door.

There’s three silver hand in here, so take them out and continue. Watch out for a trap floor plate past the open vine room, then head down and take out two more silver hand. The next door here leads to Dustman’s Crypt so enter to continue.

This area has more crypts and burial walls. Head forward to see a Silver Hand lounging about on the right, then continue past a skywalk before heading down into a burial wall area (shoot the Draugr that are lying down). Another Silver Hand is down here, so take him out too.

Continue forward and up some stairs to a room where you can sneak attack another Silver Hand fairly easy. From here there are several Silver Hand members in the left-hand room, so be ready for a BIG fight (Farkas makes a good distraction here).

The room with the ladder stairs in it has a locked chest under the stairs and the door on the right is a supply closet that’s locked–both Adept type locks if you want to pick them. Head into the crypt room and loot the chest on the left for the Dustman Cairn Key, among other things, and use it to unlock the door straight ahead. Kill the rats that attack and go forward.

There’s an alchemy lab in a room here with a locked supply closet door and a door on the right that we need to take. More rats await us here. Follow the path out to a cave where we’ll run into a Giant Frost Spider , that attacks with a smaller frostbite spider. You can use the narrow passageway as a safe haven, but chances are Farkas will jump into the fray headfirst. If you have any fire-based spells, now’s the perfect time to use them.

After that head through the cave until you encounter two high level Draugr enemies by a waterfall of sorts. Take them out and continue on. You’ll reach an iron door that is the biggest crypt room you’ve seen yet! There are quite a number of goodies in here, so pick them all up. Of note is the Word Wall that teaches Inferno - Fire Breath. Very nice. The fragment that we have been searching for is in here too.

Follow the chanting to discover a Word Wall and be rewarded with Fire Breath.

BEFORE picking it up let me tell you that you’re about to face a GAUNTLET of Draugr… they will come in waves, and will vary on how hard you’ll have to face. It’s a good idea to summon up an ally if you can (any way you may know how, like Call of Valor, Summon Assassin, or even call a spirit to come help you). Take the fragment and get ready for a fight. There’s not much I can say here besides keep your health up and use the nearby stairs for hit and run tactics.

After the fight a crypt up the stairs will open up and lead to the exit of this place, which is very nice and convenient. Exit Dustman’s Cairn and head back to Jorrvaskr. You’ll be greeted by Vilkas and taken around back where you’ll formally be inducted into the Companions. Congrats! This ends this quest, but you are told to talk to your brothers for more work. There are three choices of who to go for work but you can only pick one. For the guide’s sake (and because she’s the closest to you) let’s go with Aela and Animal Extermination .

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