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We've come to Driftshade Refuge to take back what was ours!

Vilkas is our companion now, by the way. Our goal is nothing short of completely wiping out the Silver Hand. They are located at Driftshade Refuge , very close to Fort Fellhammer , which we previously visited. Both are south of Dawnstar . Fast travel to the nearest place and work your way up the mountain until you discover Driftshade Refuge. There will be two guards out here you can take out before going inside.

Once inside go down the AMAZINGLY LONG stairs and enter the wooden door. There are two guards here to pick off. As you might expect, the direct route straight in front of you is blocked off, so you need to go down the open door on the left. There’s another guard here, so take them out and loot the place thoroughly.

There’s a path to the left that leads you further in. You’ll find two more Silver Hand guards this way that you should take out, then head a floor down below where you can find an adept chest in a room on the left.

Continue deeper down the corridor and you’ll see a locked room on the left. Break into it to find another guard here–he was sleeping for me. Kill him and take his loot. Further along the corridor will end and two more guards will be here. Loot the area–only some potions here–and hit the lever to the right of the spiked door to open the way down to the Driftshade Cellar .

Down here head forwards and double back the right path to find a chest. Further in is a Trap via a pressure plate on the floor, and a guard patrolling nearby. There’s also a dead werewolf in a cage. Heck, you can even activate said trap by finding a lever on a pillar to the left past the floor plate, and there’s a chest down that path. Try not to hit Vilkas with the trap door!

Go down the stairs further in and through a wooden door where you can kill two more guards. The bookcase has a Light Armor Skillbook here called “The Rear Guard” .

The Kill Camera is activated for a number of reasons, one of which is the last enemy on your radar has been dispatched.

Head into the cold cave area where two more guards lurk just around the corner. Take care of them, and notice the two large cages in here: one with a dead horse and another with a savage werewolf. You KNOW what will happen if you let it out…

Continue down the path to a torture chamber with one more guard and a dead werewolf. Continue along and you’ll find the next room in shambles, but two more guards are here that you can kill. Past this room you’ll go upstairs and out of the cellar, to be back in Driftshade Refuge.

Head upwards to find a big cozy room with three Silver Hand members in it. Two of them are normal, but the third is your classic steel-plate leader type. Take them out and loot the room. Of note is the massive chest in the area, the fragments of Wuuthrad (our goal), and Two Skillbooks in the area just lying around : “Warrior” (Block) and “2920, Morning Star, v2” (One Handed).

With the guards and leader dead we’ve completed our goal of wiping out the Silver Hand. And with the fragments of Wuuthrad in our pockets (backpacks?) we should get out of here and head to Jorrvaskr . Thankfully the door up ahead, as you’ve guessed, leads to the beginning of this area (gotta love it!). Head outside and fast travel home.

Once you get back home, Vilkas will comment that the others have probably prepared Kodlak’s funeral, and we should go to the Skyforge to pay our respects. That ends this quest, and starts the next: “ Glory of the Dead “.

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