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How to trigger quest: To even get this quest to show up, you must be a MASTER OF DESTRUCTION MAGIC . Once you have attained level 100 in Destruction (I KNOW it is level 100 as I tried to get this at level 90 and failed), go find Faralda in the College of Winterhold. Ask her “ what else “ can be learned about Destrucion magic and go through the dialog to get this quest.

HOW do you get to level 100 in Destruction as fast as possible? Well, this one will take you some time. There’s always training and using it as much as possible. The more damage you do, the more experience you get, meaning you want to use high damaging spells on tougher targets. But you can also use exploits like damaging vital NPC’s.

For example; if you have Shadowmere ( Dark Brotherhood horse ) you can damage him. Or you can damage FARKAS in the quest “ Take up Arms “ for the Companions during your training session and get away with it. I personally summoned Flame Atronach’s over and over and blew each one away with Thunderbolt until I hit level 100 Destruction. Leveling up this high WILL take time , but if you’re serious about destruction magic then you can do it!

Once you have talked to Faralda she will give you a book called “ Power of the Elements “ and will tell you that this book should lead us to new Destruction magic. Open up the book and read what it says:

So, it’s a riddle! Obviously we need to locate a stand up north somewhere. It REALLY helps if you’ve done plenty of exploring and discovered plenty of locations. The place we are looking for is called WINDWARD RUINS , which fits with the “shield from draft” part of the poem and is also north of some Dwemer ruins. The closest landmark is Dawnstar , as the ruins are just southwest of that city.

Head there and you’ll find a stand inside. Interact with the stand to have the book removed. Now, equip a fire spell (Flames works just fine) and blast the stand (to complete the “sea will boil” part of the poem). A small explosion will occur. Now pick up the book and read it to see some NEW text has appeared:

Ok, another riddle. Well, the Greybeards are at the T hroat of the World , that is easy, and the sun rises in the east so you should know about where this next location is. The name of the place we need to head to is “ North Skybound Watch “. It may have some bandits in it, and the nearest landmark is Riverwood to the northwest a bit.

Head there and clear the place out, then locate the pedestal out on an overhang. Interact with it to put the book down, then use a frost spell (like frostbite) to hit the pedestal . A small ice explosion will occur, then you can pick the book back up and see some NEW text once again:

Ok; looks like we’re headed West. “ Karth “ should give away “Karthwasten” and/or “Karthspire”. Actually, the place we are looking for is another ruin located between those two spots, up on some cliffs named “ Four Skull Lookout “. You should REALLY approach it from the South; “ Red Eagle Redoubt “ or “ Sundered Towers “ make great spots to fast travel to if you haven’t found it yet.

This location is also guarded by bandits. Once you clear in out, find the stand and interact with it, then cast a lightning spell (like sparks) on it and another small lightning explosion will happen. Pick up the book and then go to read it and you will learn the FIRE STORM spell, your first MASTER DESTRUCTION SPELL! The book also has new text in it:

OK…. Once you have learned FIRESTORM , this quest will be complete. But like other ritual spells to come, you can head back to Faralda and she will have other MASTER level Destruction magics available for sale, including the other two elemental spells: Blizzard and Lightning Storm . You MUST check these spells out. And congrats on becoming a Master Destruction mage!

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