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Speak to Adril Arano

In Raven Rock you should walk around until Captain Veleth comes up to you and tells you that Adril Arano wants to chat to you (who’ll likely be walking around Raven Rock). Once you’ve spoken to Ardil, head to the Retching Netch Corner Club and have a chingwag with Geldris Sadri behind the bar.

Once he’s finished, head to the local tomb and then if there’s no-one there, fast-forward time by waiting for six hours. This’ll prompt a NPC to appear and this’ll complete the current objective quickly for you.

Recover evidence from Severin Manor

Proceed back to Adril and then he’ll ask you to sneak in to the Severin Manor in town to look for some evidence stashed in a safe.

Without a high enough sneak skill-level, you’ll be forced to fight the occupants. If you do kill them, loot their corpses for the safe key (otherwise it’ll require to pick an ‘expert’ level lock). The safe can be hard to spot, so head into the master bedroom downstairs and look to the left of a bookshelf near the bed. Grab the letter titled ’ The Ulen Matter ’ and take it back to Adril.

He’ll tell you to go and meet up with a Redoran Guard at Ashfallow Citadel (just North of the Sun Stone ). See the two enemies meet their maker and then loot the dead guard you were supposed to meet up with.

End the threat to Councilor Morvayn

Get ready to fend off quite a few Morag Tong Assassins who roam the building. There’s also an Imperial Chest to the left of where you enter (sitting on a broken bookshelf), pick it if you’re after the Pendant inside.

There’s a series of gates and traps in the lower reaches of the citadel, so you need to proceed with caution and pull the chains which can be found:

  • On the wall in the first room of the left-hand side of the corridor
  • The second room on the right-hand side of the corridor, which is full of bear traps !
  • Next to entrance to the second door on the left-hand side of the corridor, close to the gate(s).
  • The final two are behind pillars located next to three swinging door traps, on the right hand side of the passageway.
    At the end of the corridor is the final room, where Vendil Severin can be found with two Morag Tong assassins. If you chose not to kill Tilisu and Mirri earlier in the quest chain, they will also be in the room. After you kill them, you will return to Arano, and he will bring you to Councilor Morvayn. After speaking with Councilor Morvayn, you will receive the Severin Manor and a fair amount of gold.
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