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Ivarstead is a small farming community located at the base of the Skyrim’s central mountain, and the start of the famous journey of 7000 steps up to High Hrothgar. Pilgrims will come here just to climb up the mountain and visit the Greybeards at the top. The town has a small river flowing through it and a bridge leading to the 7000 steps, but is fairly unremarkable aside from that.

Major City? No, no loading required.

House? No

Major Shops: Vilemyr Inn (Inn)

Major Quests: None


o Cooking Pot (Inside Fellstar Farms)

o Lumber Pile (Near the sawmill)

o Grain Mill (Outside Fellstar Farms)

o Grindstone (Near the sawmill)

o Wood Chopping Block (Near the sawmill)







o N/A


o Temba Wide-Arm (Female Nord, runs the sawmill, must bring her 10 Bear Pelts first).

o Wilhelm (Male Nord, Innkeeper of Vilemyr Inn, must complete “Investigate Shroud Hearth Barrow” first).


Ask Wilhelm about Reyda

Across the stream is a run-down house, but instead of being abandoned the village beggar, Narfi, lives there. Go talk to him and you’ll learn he’s quite crazy. Ask him what’s wrong with him and you’ll get this quest. You can find Wilhelm in the inn and ask him about Narfi. Turns out Reyda is his sister who has disappeared. He’ll tell you she used to gather ingredients from an island to the east, but she never turned up and he presumes her dead. We’ll now be told to find her remains. Leave and head east to the bridge, then jump off it into the river. At the bottom is a skeleton with Reyda’s satchel. Damn! You can examine the satchel to claim all sorts of ingredients, including her necklace. Go give it to Narfi and he’ll be sad, but he’ll claim it and hand you even more ingredients as a reward, ending this quest.

Bring the supplies to High Hrothgar

You can get this quest from Klimmek, the middle-aged man often wandering around town talking about his deliveries. Talk to him and offer to take his delivery for him to High Hrothgar. If you haven’t been there yet, you are going to need to prepare for a climb (I climb there during the main quest “The Way of the Voice” if you want to follow along) or you can just fast travel there. Before entering High Hrothgar, you’ll see an offering chest at the bottom of the stairs. Put the supplies in it (store them) and return to Klimmek. He’ll give you 750 gold for your trouble!

Gather 10 bear pelts for Temba Wide-Arm

Temba HATES bears. They are just ruining her trees! She’s so made that she’ll pay you if you bring her 10 bear pelts. She doesn’t care where they come from either. You can often find pelts in dungeons or for sale at general goods stores, or y’know… on dead bears… so go out there and bring her 10 pelts already! Once you return the pelts, you’ll be rewarded with a Sanctified Steel War Axe and be able to marry Temba if you wish!

Find Runil’s Journal inside Moss Mother Cavern

You can get this quest by talking to the inn-keeper, Wilheim. He’ll note that the barrow to the northeast is haunted, and he’s even seen a spirit guarding it. Offer to investigate and head over there and go inside. Once inside and down to a split you’ll see a spirit on the right telling you to leave. Head left and pick up the ILLUSION SKILLBOOK on a table labeled “Before the Ages of Man”, then turn around to see four levers, two on either side of the door. Flip the first and third ones to continue. To the right is a locked door with a chest behind it (watch out for floor traps and the chest is trapped), to the left is a chain you can pull to continue (sit still a second after pulling it). Down here you’ll find the “ghost”, Wyndelius Gatharian, who is using a potion to appear like a ghost so kill him off (he’s an ice mage). Once he’s dead, go find his journal and then return to Wilhelm. He’ll end up giving you the Sapphire Dragon Claw.

This is the end of the quest, but I’ll keep going. With that dragon claw you can access even more of the barrow, as across from Wyndelius’ bedroom is a door you can use it on. The solution from top to bottom (for the rings) is MOTH, OWL, WOLF. Continue on and grab the spell on the stand in the next big room (watch out for Draugr) and evade the iron gate trap on the floor by the spiral staircase. Head up and watch out for floor traps, then kill all of the skeletons in the next room (shoot down the fire vase above them). Go over to the other side, kill two Draugr that awaken, then go through the door. In the next room, kill the Drauger past the animal stones in the room beyond. The idea here is to stand inside the second room on the floor plate to get the four walls with rotating stone to show you what the answer to the animal puzzle is. Go outside and face the room to the west. The animal puzzle will be WHALE, EAGLE, SNAKE, WHALE. Stand on the outside floor button to make the bridge fall and door open. Watch for floor traps! To the right is a locked door with some gold on a sand and further on is a Draugr. Kill it and proceed to Shroud Hearth Depthes!

In this first big room is a magnificent fight! You’ll fight skeletons and Draugr in waves until a deathlord appears! Kill them all! Past that is a room with your reward for the great fight! A BIG chest (that is trapped), various goodies on a table to the left, and a DRAGON WALL with KYNE - KYNE’S PEACE to learn (or a similar KYNE word). You are now DONE with this quest!

Kill the bandit leader located at Bthalft

Talk to Wilheim, the inn-keeper for this quest, in which I’m sure you will be told to kill another bandit leader. Bthalft is located to the southwest of Ivarstead. You will have to go claim the bounty from the steward of Riften, Anuriel, once you are done, which results in a 100 gold reward.

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