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Head inside of his house where you can view his museum (a rather small collection of four display cases). As you look at each case, Silus will comment on whatever is within. Those who played through Oblivion will undoubtedly remember the Mythic Dawn cult quite well, as they essentially caused the “Oblivion Crisis”. Once you are done looking around, ask Silus about the job he wants you to do.

He’ll tell you about Mehrunes’ Razor after a brief history lesson. Of course, he will want you to collect the three remaining pieces for him. He DOES run a museum after all! Agree to gather the pieces for him and you’ll be given THREE new objectives.

  • Retrieve the hilt of Mehrunes’ Razor:

To get the hilt we need to travel to the major city of Morthal. The man that owns the hilt is named Jorgen, and is often working at his mill on the edge of town. Go find him and talk to him about it. You’ll have options to PERSUADE, BRIBE, or INTIMIDATE him for the hilt, so try those options first (I was actually surprised at how little the bribe option cost). As an alternative, you could always choose to LOCKPICK his house which is a great option for you thieves out there. The hilt itself is inside of a treasure chest. Do whatever you have to do to get it.

  • Retrieve the pommel of Mehrunes’ Razor:

The pommel of the razor belongs to a person named Drascua, who you’ll see is located at a place called “Dead Crone Rock” just southwest of Markarth, up in the mountains. The best way to get there is to just walk southeast from Markarth stables, following the path past the bridge and soon you’ll see a path that heads west. You can follow this path up and find Hag Rock Redoubt, Dead Crone Rock, and the Hag Rock Redoubt Ruin. Beware of all the Forsworn that inhabit the place though (but be sure to loot through their chests and whatnot). Once you’re done, enter the Hag Rock Redoubt Ruin door that the marker is pointing to (this isn’t to get the pommel, just to grab some chests and a skillbook).

Head inside and kill the two Forsworn on the right. There’s a chest over there and the SNEAKING SKILLBOOK “2920, Last Seed, v8” on the table that they were just sitting at. Go forwards and up the stair case, killing the guard watching the jail cell (you can pick the locks but there’s nothing good). There is a higher-level Forsworn in the next room but he often uses the alchemy lab there so sneak attack him and raid the chests before going back out to the world map.

Back out at the world map head up to Dead Crone Rock and enter. In here kill the Forsworn in front of you and head up the spiraled stairs on the right. Check out the right cubby for goodies, then kill the two Forsworn you’ll find up here. Also be careful of the soul gem in the dining room that will spit fire at you (you have to take it to stop it). Follow the path past the dining room (watch out for the trap) and pull the lever in the next room. There’s also an ALCHEMY SKILLBOOK here called “A Game at Dinner”. Go back out to the main room and take the path that the lever opened up out to the world map.

Up here you will find Drascua. Be careful of the three soul gems that shoot fire up here (as evidenced by the burnt corpse) and try to take her by surprise if you can! She is basically a hagraven, so has powerful magic attacks at range. Take her out and loot her for the pommel. There’s also a chest here with some very nice items and the sacrifice table has a lot of good stuff. Oh, and a DRAGON WALL that teaches you the word FEAR - DISMAY. Pretty sweet!

  • Retrieve the blade shards of Mehrunes’ Razor:

Time to get the blade shards. An orc named Ghunzul has them, and you can find him in a keep called Cracked Tusk Keep just west of Falkreath (this place is a TON easier to get to than Dead Crone Rock). The outside of the keep is guarded by 3-4 Orcs who love to use ranged attacks (they ARE basically a hunting party after all). Take them all down. Of note outside is a SMITHING SKILLBOOK named “Light Armor Forging” near the smithing setup, so be sure to grab it before heading inside the keep.

You’ll find two orcs hanging out in the main room, so take them out. Now, Ghunzul is off in a bedroom to the left. We don’t HAVE to kill him… but we’re going to! Head over there and get the drop on him. Be sure to loot him and his room for goodies. You’ll note he DOESN’T have the shards on him, but he has a key! Use it to explore the place and find the Cracked Tusk Vaults. Down here hit the buttons on the walls to grab the goodies in the rooms, including a LIGHT ARMOR SKILLBOOK “Rislav the Righteous” from the left room. To open the door in front of you, you need to hit the levers on each side. Now THIS room is FULL of tripwires. Each one will release a spiked wall or dart trap, so keep your eyes open and trip them all. At the end is a pedestal with the shards on it. Be sure to grab it from the side, as it is a pressure weighted pedestal. Once you have the shards we’re done here.

  • Return to Silus

Now that you have all three pieces it’s time to go see Silus. Silus will be pleased and will reward you with 1,000 Gold per piece (3,000 Gold total). He will then let you in on a secret: the scabbard in the case is the fourth piece, and he plans on contacting Dagon directly to repair it! And with that, Silus says he’ll meet you at the shrine and will leave. You can use this time to pick the locks here and take the Mythic Dawn items, but they really aren’t worth much.

Head outside and you’ll see the shrine is just south of Dawnstar (by the Lord Standing Stone, actually). Make your way over there and you’ll meet Silus by the shrine (Mehrunes Dagon is an UGLY SOB). He will put the pieces on the altar and ask Dagon to make them whole… with no success. He will than ask you to try to talk to Mehrunes. Interact with the altar and YOU will be deemed worthy. However, Mehrunes sees no reason to let Silus live, and will tell you to kill him. We have TWO choices on how this plays out (read below to see the rewards for each choice and keep in mind potential trophy applications):

o Let Silus Live:

In this path, you are going AGAINST Dagon’s wishes. After telling him NO, Silus will talk to you where you’ll get a chance to once again say no. Silus will be overjoyed and will give you 500 Gold. However, Mehrunes isn’t going to let you off THAT easy. He will spawn TWO daedra (Dremora Markynaz… what a name) who will make short work of Silus. They will then turn on you! Fight them off however you can and loot Silus and the two daedra. You will find a “Key to Mehrunes’ Shrine” on both the bodies. Be sure to grab it.

With the key, you can open the door past the altar. In this small area there is a LOT of loot to be had… once you kill two more daedra who are guarding it! Take them out and have fun looting the place (I found several pieces of enchanted equipment and a lot of ingots).

That will be the end of this quest as well.

o Kill Silus:

In this path you are doing as Lord Dagon wishes. Agree to kill Silus, who states he won’t go down without a fight! He’s a wizard, but should fall easily enough. After killing and looting him, go back and inspect the altar again as Dagon puts together the Razor for you, telling you to use it and spread chaos throughout the land. Pick it up once you can, and as a parting “gift”, Dagon will spawn two deadra to attack you. Fight them off however you can and loot them afterwards. You will find a “Key to Mehrunes’ Shrine” on both the bodies. Be sure to grab it. With the key, you can open the door past the altar. In this small area there is a LOT of loot to be had… once you kill two more daedra who are guarding it! Take them out and have fun looting the place (I found several pieces of enchanted equipment and a lot of ingots). That will be the end of this quest as well.

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