This is a three-part quest . To begin it, speak to Dinya Balu at the Temple of Mara in Riften , and ask if you can have Mara’s blessing. She will have you do a few tasks that have to do with uniting lovers.

o Part 1:

Go to Ivarstead , which is directly East of Helgen, across the mountain (if you’ve visited the Graybeards, you should already have it discovered so you can Fast-Travel there). Find Fastred on her family farm near the river. She explains how she’s in love with Bassianus and wants to move with him to Riften, but her parents are against it.

The markers will then direct you to her parents. Her mother promises to hold her father at bay if the young lovers eloped, while her father claims Fastred is just going through a phase, as last month she was in love with Klimmek. Now you have the choice to talk to Bassianus or Klimmek.

Talk to Bassianus:

He is usually at the Inn. Tell him what Fastred’s mother said, and he will happily run to talk to Fastred, and tell her to come away with him to Riften. The next time you go to Riften, you will see them walking hand-in-hand around the market, even at night.

Talk to Klimmek:

He may be in his house, or out-and-about. Tell him he should be more assertive and tell Fastred how he feels. He will happily run out to talk to her, and they will stay in Ivarstead. The next time you go to Riften, you will see Bassianus, without Fastred.

o Part 2:

Return to Dinya Balu and she will send you to Calcelmo , the court wizard in Markarth . If you haven’t been there yet, you can walk or take a carriage to the far southwest of Skyrim, and head for the Understone Keep. He apparently has a shine for Faleen, the lovely Jarl’s housecarl (UNLESS the Stormcloaks have gained control of Markarth, then Yngvar the Singer is housecarl and Faleen can be found on the lower floor of the Blue Palace in Solitude).

Calcelmo suggests the bard Yngvar might know what Faleen likes, so go talk to him (You can go talk to Faleen if you wish and tell her of Calcelmo’s feelings but she won’t believe you a bit). Yngvar will offer to rewrite a love poem he learned at the Bards College to be about Faleen for 200G.

Buy it and then take the poem directly to Faleen, and she will be touched and give you a letter to take to Calcelmo. Upon reading it he will rush off to speak to her. This ends part 2, so go back to Dinya Balu. She will give you an Amulet of Mara to wear for the last part of the quest.

o Part 3:

Dinya Balu now sends you to help two souls who were so in love their spirits remained after they died, endlessly searching for one another. Awww. You’ll find Ruki at the at the Gjukar’s Monument, west of Whiterun (I had already discovered it so I just Fast-Traveled).

She looking for her Fenrig, so go find him – he is just a short way east, and bring him back to her. The reunited lovers will rise into the air and go to… the afterlife, I guess. Return to Dinya Balu. She rewards you with the Agent of Mara perk, which gives you 15% resistance to magic. Nice!


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