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Head out of the Inn now and enter Understone Keep at the far end of the city. Inside, go talk to Brother Verulur who is straight in front of you. He’ll say the hall is closed, but you can use your powers to PERSUADE, BRIBE, or INTIMIDATE him into letting you look into the matter, which starts another miscellaneous objective: “Investigate the Hall of the Dead”. Ugh, cannibals… this can’t end well…

With your key, take a left and another left to reach the Hall of the Dead. Inside you’ll hear a voice talking to you, claiming YOU have the hunger as well. Shortly after the voice is done, a woman named Eola will come and talk to you. She will claim you have tried the cannibal way before. Answer however you wish (it truly doesn’t matter) and in the end the quest “The Taste of Death” will be underway. Eola will tell you to meet her at a place called Reachcliff Cave.

Once outside, you will find that Reachcliff Cave is a ways east of Markarth. Make your way there one way or another and you will meet Eola out by the entrance. Our goal here is to clear the cave of Draugr, and if you have no one currently following you, Eola will come with you to help. Head inside the cave.

Once inside feel free to begin your Draugr massacre. In the first room, hit the Draugr as he is rising up (he’s likely a high-level foe) and kill him and his reinforcement. Continue on into the area and kill another Draugr before coming to a split in the path. Go left first as you can kill Draugr from above you (if you’re ranged) and you can reach a chest this way (Careful! The chest is boobytrapped! Open it from the side!). Head back and go straight now to reach the ground floor.

From here, head into another room and kill another foe. Be sure to loot the chests and urns. Up ahead is more urns and some potions, with an iron door at the end. Get ready for a big battle now… past the doors are two leveled Draugr and a Draugr OVERLORD. Let Eola distract him while you kill him. Once you have felled all the enemies, Eola will proclaim the place re-taken, and will say that we must have a grand feast… yummy. She knows the perfect person as well: Verulus! Ha! Be sure to loot the place good (there’s a chest in the dining room with enchanted equipment) and use the secret door in the hallway to reach the world map easier.

Now you need to head back to Markarth (or the Understone Keep, actually) and go find Brother Verulus again. Use either your PERSUADE, BRIBE, or INTIMIDATE skills to get him to follow you (I personally had to use bribe, for 407 gold). With him in tow, go back outside and fast-travel back to Reachcliff Cave’s secret entrance. Take him inside and lead him into the main dining room.

Eola will convince Verulus that he’s among friends, and states he should lay down and rest… Hehe, follow Eola and when Verulus has laid down you will be told to “carve” him. Pull out a melee weapon and kill him. Now, you will be prompted to taste him. Interact with him and you will have the option to EAT. Once you taste, Namira will speak to you and congratulate you. As a reward, you will be given the RING OF NAMIRA and will be her champion.

The ring itself provides an extra 50 points of stamina, but if you feed on any corpse from now on (and by any I mean human…) you will also gain increased health and health regeneration. Also, Eola now becomes a follower, should you ever want her to accompany you.

And with that this quest is over.

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