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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition


Scott Peers

This page details an overview of the Two-Handed skill in Skyrim, including recommended perks, leveling tips, and where to find Two-Handed trainers.

Two-Handed, Skyrim.

Two-Handed Overview

The Two-Handed Skill Level determines your damage with two-handed weapons. Its perks are nearly an exact copy of the One-Handed perks; you have perks that decrease Stamina consumed by power attacks, perks that unlock more devastating power attacks, and perks that give different weapon types (greatsword, battle-axe and warhammer) bonus critical damage, bleed damage and armor penetration, respectively.

There’s just something majestic about two-handed weapons, and in a game like Skyrim the appeal to be a battle-axe bearing barbarian all the more alluring. Unfortunately, some flaws exist on the combat side of things that make One-Handed weapons a more effective choice. The most obvious is the terrible speed of Two-Handed weapons, which is bad enough to make one question whether the damage output is even worth it. The other advantage of One-Handed weapons is that you can use spells or a shield in your off-hand, or dual-wield, making One-Handed more versatile in essentially every way.

Recommended Perks

You only need one melee skill, and One-Handed is arguably the superior one, so for the purposes of combat effectiveness, no investment is recommended in Two-Handed. If you must indulge yourself to play that badass barbarian, however, getting five ranks in Barbarian is an obvious move to double the damage you’ll deal. Pick any one weapon type and spend three perks to in either Limbsplitter, Deep Wounds or Skullcrusher, then buff up your power attacks by grabbing Champion’s Stance and Devastating Blow. None of the other perks are recommended; the only one that should seem interesting is Sweep, but “hitting all targets in front of you” almost always means one, rarely two, and if the stars align, three. Not something you’ll use often enough for it to matter.

Leveling Tips

Like One-Handed, you level Two-Handed by hitting enemies. Here, however, is the only place where Two-Handed has an edge, as despite the slower attack speed, Two-Handed actually tends to level up more quickly. Like One-Handed and Sneak, take the opportunity presented by having an immortal, non-hostile ally in Helgen (Ralof or Hadvar) by beating on them until your Two-Handed skill is maxed… or as close to it as you can stand to get it.

Two-Handed Trainer Locations

Trainer Skill Level Location
Torbjorn Shatter-Shield Expert (Lv. 51 - 75) Windhelm
Vilkas Master (Lv. 76 - 90) Whiterun, Jorrvaskr
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