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Daedra God: Peryite

How to trigger: You won’t get this quest directly (when do you ever, right!?), but as you play the game you will undoubtedly come across an “Afflicted Traveler” as you roam the world map. Stop and talk their ear off and you should get the miscellaneous quest “Find Kesh at the Shrine to Peryite”. Head over there (the shrine is just northwest of the small town of Karthwasten) and talk to Kesh. Ask him about communing with Peryite and he will say you can IF you bring him four ingredients. This will also start the quest proper:

The ingredients are:

  • A Flawless Ruby (Buy at a shop/get in a mine).

  • A Silver Ingot (Buy at a blacksmith shop/smelt down silver ore).

  • A Deathbell Flower (These grow around Morthal a lot).

  • Vampire Dust (Kill a Vampire/buy in alchemy shops).

If you make an effort to get these ingredients it won’t take you long. Or, you could go do some other quests and I’ll just bet you that you come across all of these over time! Either way, once you have all four of them, go back to the shrine and talk to Kesh.

With all the ingredients in hand, return and give them to Kesh. He will use them to brew up an incense and when he’s done he will tell you to inhale it. As you would suspect, the incense makes you… hear things. Specifically, it will make you hear Peryite, who will eventually ask you to kill a monk named Orchendor for his betrayal. You can ask some more questions now, but you’ll learn very little. Agree to his request though, and you’ll be free. To find and kill Orchendor, we’ll need to travel to the dwarven ruins of Bthardamz, to the west (ask Kesh about them!). It’s not a very far journey. Once you get there you will find some Afflicted wandering outside. These are enemies and will try to use a puke attack on you (take them out with ranged if you can). Follow the ruins to find a door that leads to Bthardamz Upper District.

Once you’re inside head inwards (avoiding the green goo for health reasons!). At the bottom of the slope is a room that houses some Afflicted. Either take them out or pick the gate to the right. After that is another room on the right that houses another locked door and a chest. Continue on and you’ll find a group of them praying… either sneak by or reward their prayers with an arrow in the back (choose the arrow!). Past them is a wide open room with a total of four Afflicted hanging around. We need to get through the barred door above us, but the bars are lowered by a lever up on the balcony to the right. Take out the guards and open the door. Continue forwards (there’s a chest if you go down) and through the door. We need to go right and down, but if you go straight you’ll have to fight two dwarven spheres for a chest. Go back and down the slope now (watch out for the trapped pressure plate) and follow the path to take out three more Afflicted and enter Bthardamz Workshop.

Head inwards and sneak forwards on the left. An afflicted will enter the left bedroom here and talk with another afflicted. Take them both out and grab the Afflicted’s Note in here and continue on (the other two bedrooms have nothing in them). In the next open area, some dwarven spiders will ambush you (I had to fight three of them). There’s also a chest on the left hand wall where a spider guardian may ambush you (be careful!). You can go up the stairs here but that’s not where the marker leads. You CAN go up there though and grab a chest (it leads to the same area, but you have to fall down to the right to get there). I’d go grab that chest than go back take the door they want you to take (you’ll have to kill two more Afflicted and you’ll get another chest). No matter what you do, make your way to the Bthardamz Upper District.

In this area go forwards to the opening with all the stairs. There are FOUR Afflicted here for you to kill, so take them out. Note that you can find a chest down a small ruined dead-end to the left. Now, go right and enter the Bthardamz Dwelling. There’s two more Afflicted in here, but loot as well. Be sure to pick the locked door here for another chest and a SPEECH SKILLBOOK called “Biography of the Wolf Queen”. Exit once you get it. Head up the many stairs now. You COULD have fun on the rooftops up here, but for the guide’s sake I’ll do this the classic way and proceed to the doortop at the very top and end of this path.

In the next room you’ll come across another locked door and some more dwarven spiders. Kill them and continue to a large room with three Afflicted in it. You can use the lever nearby to kill anything in the middle area, so do so and take out the rest. Grab that chest in the middle and continue. Soon you’ll reach an area with a river running through it (very pretty!). There’s two more Afflicted guarding the far side of this area, so make your way over there and take them out. You’ll face some dwarven spheres as you continue. Watch out for a floor plate by the arched-doorway up ahead though (take the right path and grab the chest).

Up ahead are stairs heading up in front of you and stairs to the right. The stairs ahead of you just lead to the area by the waterfall, so go right and kill some more Afflicted to get to the higher level. Dwarven Spiders are waiting for you up here, so take them out and reach the door leading to the Bthardamz Study. This section isn’t very long. Open the door in front of you and loot the chest, then continue on and be careful of floor plates that are trapped right before you ascend any ramp. Keep your eyes open for another chest and enter the Bthardamz Lower District at the end.

Continue on and you’ll reach a fork. Go right for a chest, then go left. The path heads up at one point, and there are three Afflicted to kill up there. You will also likely have to battle 3-4 charging Afflicted on the lower path (there are a lot of them to kill here!). Keep following the path and you’ll FINALLY reach the Bthardamz Arcanex. The Arcanex is another pretty area, being semi-flooded. Fight your way forwards past the minor dwarven enemies until you get back up to higher ground. In the hallway coming up there will be a Dwarven CENTURION, so get your battle plan ready as he hits HARD (sneak attack!?).

You’ll face more minor enemies as you proceed now, and soon you’ll come to the room where Orchendor is. If you are ranged you should be able to get in a good sneak attack thanks to the wall partition. After that hit him hard, as he is a dangerous Ice Mage. He can also teleport away if he wishes and heal himself, so keep your health up and take him out. He’s got SEVERAL nice items for you once he falls. Our objective will also change to “Report Orchendor’s death to Peryite”. Oh, Orchendor should also have the ALTERATION SKILLBOOK “Reality & Other Falsehoods” on him. Sweet! To get out of here, make sure you grab his key then just follow the path behind him to an elevator.

Once you’re back on the world map, head back to the Shrine of Peryite. Go and commune with Peryite once more and he will be pleased, giving you the artifact “Spellbreaker” for your service. Spellbreaker is an EXCEPTIONAL shield for you melee players, it creates a ward that protects against spells for up to 50 points when you use it! Ask Peryite any question you want and tell him goodbye once you are done to finish this quest.

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