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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition

How to Build a Homestead

Seren Morgan-Roberts

The Homestead is introduced in the Hearthfire DLC for Skyrim, and it allows for players to build their own homes in allocated lots of land. The construction of the houses allows for some customisation, such as making the furniture and choosing the different types of rooms in your house.

Your plot of land has big potential!

Homestead Plots of Land

There are three available plots of land that you could build a homestead on, and to access the land you’ll need to complete certain tasks for the Jarls of each region. The plots of land cost 5,000 Gold each, which is cheaper than the typical home that you’d get in the cities. But you will be spending a lot on materials, extra home improvements and furnishings. For more information on the new DLC-exclusive materials as well as how to craft the Iron items required for building your homestead, head over to our guide on How to Find Building Materials. You’re gonna need a lot of materials so it’s best to know exactly how to find them and stock up!

Homestead Hold Obtained by
Heljarchen Hall The Pale Completing the “Waking Nightmare” and the quest “Kill the Giant”, then obtain the plot from Jarl Skald the Elder or Brina Merilis
Lakeview Manor Falkreath Hold Complete the bounty quest “Kill the Bandit Leader at Knifepoint ridge” then obtain the plot from Nenya or Tekla
Windstad Manor Hjaalmarch Complete “Laid to Rest” then obtain the plot from Aslfur or Sorli the Builder

Once you’ve obtained a plot of land, you’ll need to head over to it and assess the land. You can find it on the map marked with the icon used for small towns (Rorikstead, Riverwood etc). After arriving at the plot of land, you’ll find a carpenter’s bench and some other building stuff nearby, including a chest filled with enough materials for you to build a Small House. First, head to the drafting table and select the Small House Layout, then you can begin building the house at the carpenter’s workbench.

The first thing you’ll be able to do is build a small house.

The Small House is the foundational part of your homestead. It can be left as a small house and furnished accordingly, or if you want a big manor and decide to build the Main Hall, you can convert the small house into an Entry Hall. Once you have a Main Hall, you can construct a cellar and north, east and west wings to the house of which there are three options for each wing (meaning you could craft each homestead with entirely different wings).

For a more detailed breakdown on the different aspects of owning a Homestead, including building and furnishing costs, head over to any of the pages below:

Eventually, you could build a gorgeous manor on your plot of land! Takes a bit of time and grinding though.

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