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Falkreath is a major city to the southwest of Whiterun and is the hold capital of Falkreath Hold. This city is perhaps the most in-touch with the forest, and is surrounded by the woods. Heck, even the walls are all made of wood! It is ruled by Jarl Siddgeir and overall has a very earthy feel. | You can find the basics of any major city here. Of particular note is the LARGE cemetery located nearby.

Major City? Y es (Hold Capital of Falkreath Hold, no loading required)

House? No

Major Shops:

o Dead Man’s Drink (Inn)

o Lod’s Smithery (Armor Store)

o Grave Concoctions (Alchemy Store)

o Gray Pine Goods (General Store).

Major Quests:

o A Daedra’s Best Friend (Talk to Hod, the blacksmith, after the guards ask if you’ve seen a dog)

o Ill Met by Moonlight (Talk to Mathies while he buries his little girl in the graveyard)


o Alchemy Lab (In Dead Man’s Drink) (In Grave Concoctions)

o Archane Enchanter (In the Jarl’s Longhouse)

o Blacksmith Forge (By Lod’s Smith)

o Grainmill (Behind Corpselight Farm)

o Grindstone (By Lod’s Smith)

o Lumber Pile (By Bolund’s Mill)

o Tanning Rack (By Lod’s Smith) (Outside Dengeir’s House)

o Wood Chopping Block (Outside Gray Pine Goods) (Outside the Jarl’s Longhouse) (By Bolund’s Mill)

o Workbench (By Lod’s Smith)





Runil: COMMON CONJURATION TRAINER (Commonly in the Hall of the Dead).


o “Death Blow of Abernanit” (BLOCKING SKILLBOOK located inside the Jarl’s Longhouse).

o “The Legendary Sancre Tor” (TWOHANDED SKILLBOOK located on the upper floor of Falkreath Barracks).




Assist the people of Falkreath 0/3

This is a general quest that Jarl Siddgeir will give you (after you help him out and kill all the bandits at Knife Ridge). You need to assist the people of his hold before he’ll make you his Thane. Three people to be exact. Just do the quests below and you’ll have this done in no time. Once you have helped the people out, return to Siddgeir and he’ll make you a Thane and give you the “Blade of Falkreath”, as well as tell the guards of your new station.

Bring one Black-Briar Mead to Siddgeir

Well, I’d as soon as slit his throat than do a fetch quest for Jarl Siddgeir, but you can get this quest by telling him you are looking for work. Simply head over to the Dead Man’s Drink inn and buy him one of the Black-Briar Meads and bring it back. He’ll give you a stock of stamina potions as a reward.

Deliver Berit’s Ashes to Runil

Find and talk to Thadgeir and ask him about burials to get this quest (I found him chopping wood outside the Gray Pines Goods general store). You will have to take his friends ashes to the priest of Arkay, Runil. You can find him nearby in the graveyard and for this short walk you will be given 250 gold! Sweet!

Find Runil’s Journal inside Moss Mother Cavern

Talk to Runil, the Priest of Arkay (who is often inside the Hall of the Dead) and ask him if he’s a priest to get this quest. You’ll have to go into Moss Mother Cavern to go find his journal. The Cavern is to the north west, so head over there. If you’ve never been, you’ll likely have to do the side quest “Clear out Moss Mother Cavern”, which is listed under side quests in this guide. Basically, you will face a bear and three Spriggans in this area before finding the journal in a chest. Bring it back to Runil for a 500 gold reward.

Kill the bandit leader located at Bilegulch Mine.

Go into Dead Man’s Drink and ask the inn-keeper, Valga, abour work. She will give you this bounty from the Jarl’s men. Bilegulch Mine is located to the northwest, past Moss Mother Cavern. Head over there to see the mine is up in the hills, and you’ll have to climb up to it. There will be 2-3 bandits outside guarding the entrance, but they are spread out and easy to kill. Be sure to check out the smithery before entering the mine. You can mine plenty here if you wish (it IS a mine), but beware of the bandit leader. He is here alone, so take him out and grab the key off of him to loot the chest. Down on the lower level is a SMITHING SKILLBOOK called “The Armorer’s Challenge”. Go back and talk to the steward, Nenya, to recieve 100 Gold for your trouble.

Kill the bandit leader located at Embershard.

Go into Dead Man’s Drink and ask the inn-keeper, Valga, abour work. She will give you this bounty from the Jarl’s men. Embershard Mine is over to the northeast, by the Guardian Stones. Head over there and kill the bandit hanging around outside then head in. Kill the two bandits on the right, then search beyond them for a lever to lower a bridge. Continue past the bridge (kill the two bandits that come at you) and further in to find a series of bridges where three more bandits await you. Kill them all and then be sure to loot the place thoroughly. The one treasure you should remember to grab is the “Light Armor Smithing” SMITHING SKILLBOOK by the forge area. Go back to Falkreath and talk to the steward, Nenya, to recieve 100 Gold for your trouble.

Kill the leader of Knifepoint Ridge

You can get this quest AFTER you go fetch Black-Briar Mead for the Jarl, Siddgeir. He’ll ask you to take out these bandits that he’s had dealings with as he’s “cleaning up”. Knifepoint Ridge is to the northwest of town, so head on over there. Be careful of the direct path as they have a rock slide trap waiting for you. You’ll face a TOUGH bandit presence outside, killing easily 7-8 bandits. Be sure to check the archery range for a book called “Vernaccus and Bourlor” (an ARCHERY SKILLBOOK) before heading into the mine. The leader will be alone in here, so take him out and loot the place. Now, return to Jarl Siddgeir for 500 gold as a reward.

Steal the Private Letter for Dengeir

You can find Dengeir, the ex-Jarl, in Dead Man’s Drink. Listen to everything he has to say and agree to help him out to get this quest. Apparently Lod, the blacksmith, has been writing letter back to Solitude and YOU have to steal one for Dengier. This is best done during the day actually, as Lod is busy at the blacksmith. The letter will be out in the open so nab it and return to Dengeir. Turns out he’s just paranoid, but you got 250 gold for your trouble!

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