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Tearing a little girl apart! That’s appalling! Sinding is currently locked up in the Falkreath Barracks though, so let’s go see him. Head down to the jail and go talk to Sinding. He will feel bad about the incident, and will blame it on the cursed ring of Hircine he wears, which since he is a werewolf the ring will force him to change at inopportune times. Ask him whatever questions you wish and tell him that you will take the ring to Hircine. He will gladly give it to you, telling you that there is a great beast in these woods that we must kill if we wish to gain an audience with Hircine.

Head outside and get out of Falkreath fast. The great beast is a white stag, and you can find it’s CURRENT location on the map, so see where it is and head towards it. Note that it is on the move constantly, so long-range attacks such as magic and bows are great here…

Once you kill the beast, an aspect of Hircine will appear. He will congratulate you, saying you have what it takes to be his champion. He will tell you that a great hunt has been called to slay Sinding though, and you must participate in it (no matter what you say).

rom here, head over to the Bloated Man’s Grotto, just southwest of Whiterun (approach it from the north) and head inside. Inside you’ll seen some slain hunters. One is still alive, a Khajit named J’Kier. He will bleed out soon, but will warn you the prey is strong but more hunters are on the way. Loot the bodies here. Note that you can find a CHEST under the small pool of water here as well. Grab all the loot and continue onwards, tracking down Sinding. You will soon meet him, and you’ll have to choose between one of two options:

o Kill Sinding

This is what Hircine wants you to do. If you choose this option (and tell Sinding that you must do what Hircine asks) he will run away. There are several other hunters out here that Sinding will fight, but he moves MUCH faster than you and will utterly destroy the other hunters (don’t be surprised to see them all dead before you can join them if you wait too long to follow Sinding). In the end, you’ll have to fight him in his beast form one vs. one. It isn’t too hard, just be ready to heal yourself and don’t let him overwhelm you.

Once he’s dead you will have to skin him. Do so and Hircine will appear and congratulate you. He will take the cursed ring of Hircine away and will turn the skin into the SAVIOR’S HIDE, which is your reward (the SAVIOR’S HIDE is some LIGHT ARMOR that ups your Magic Resistance by 15% and Poison Resistance by 50%).

After bidding you happy hunting, Hircine will leave and this quest will end.

o Spare Sinding

If you go this path, you’re going to end up killing all the hunters that are left in the grotto. There are three “sets” of hunters, so just follow the path and take them out with Sinding as your companion. Its funny how he’s not nearly as powerful when he’s WITH you. Once you’ve killed all three sets, talk again to Sinding who states that he will make his home here. The quest will end, but we’re not done yet! Go and leave the grotto now.

Outside, you’ll meet up with Hircine again. Despite doing the opposite of what he wanted (and no matter what option you pick), Hircine is still pleased. He will let you go with his blessing. Your cursed ring is now uncursed, giving you the RING OF HIRCINE. It will now let you transform into a werewolf TWICE in one day instead of once, and will no longer randomly transform you.

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