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Exterior Furnishings

Seren Morgan-Roberts

A guide on all exterior furnishings available in the construction of the homestead in the Hearthfire DLC.

Exterior Furnishings for all Homesteads

Animal Pen

The Animal Pen costs a single Sawn Log. It adds a Tanning Rack and also allows you to purchase a Cow and Chickens from your Personal Steward.

You can't have chickens or a cow without the Animal Pen.

Armorer Workbench

The Armorer Workbench costs 2 Quarried Stone, 1 Iron Ingot and 1 Sawn Log. This will allow you to upgrade and improve your armor from the comfort of your own home! You may also craft one of these in the Armory east-wing option.

The Armorer Workbench allows you to upgrade your armor from home!


The Garden costs a single Sawn Log and gives you a small fenced area with 11 plots of land that can be used to grow herbs and alchemical ingredients.


The Grindstone costs 1 Quarried Stone, 1 Sawn Log and 1 Iron Fitting. The Grindstone lets you improve your weapons. You may also craft one of these in the Armory east-wing option.


The Smelter costs 2 Iron Fittings, 5 Iron Ingots, 6 Clay and 4 Quarried Stone. Even though it is a bit more expensive than the other exterior furnishings, it should be one of the first things you construct for your homestead since it allows you to smelt ore into ingots - and you need a lot of iron ingots to construct and furnish your homestead!

The Smelter is a useful addition to your homestead!


The Stable costs 3 Sawn Log and 5 Nails to craft. This must be crafted if you wish to buy a horse from your Personal Steward.

Lot Exclusive Exterior Furnishings


The unique exterior feature of Lakeview Manor is an apiary, which comes with 5 bees and 1 honeycomb. You can then collect the bees to make potions, and the honeycomb can be used to make sweet treats. They’ll respawn every few days. The apiary costs 2 Sawn Logs, 1 Nail and 2 Straw to construct and can then be found behind the northwing of your homestead.

The apiary holds bees and honeycomb.


The unique exterior feature of Heljarchen Hall is the Mill. It allows you to make bags of flour out of wheat. You can then use the flour to make recipes such as bread and pies. The Mill is built for 2 Quarried Stone, 2 Sawn Log and 2 Iron Fittings.

The Mill allows you to make sacks of flour to bake baked goods.

Fish Hatchery

The unique exterior feature of Windstad Manor is a Fish Hatchery, which can be used to mature fish. The hatchery will be initially empty, but the following fish can be added:

  • Abacean Longfin
  • Clam
  • Cyrodilic Spadetail
  • Histcarp
  • River Betty
  • Salmon

The Hatchery is built using 3 Quarried Stone, 3 Sawn Logs and 4 Nails and is found in the waters behind your house.

The Fish Hatchery is a great place to breed your own fish.


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