Head up to the Skyforge where all of the Companions and even the Jarl will be in attendance. Aela will start the funeral, so just watch until it’s over. At the end, hand over the fragments to the blacksmith, who will ask you to go into Kodlak’s living area and find one more fragment.

Go into the living quarters and back to where Kodlak always sat. The piece is in his end table (where the quest marker points) but there’s something in here AWFULLY more interesting: Kodlak’s journal . There is a VERY surprising revelation in here that you should REALLY read.

Go give the fragment to Eorlund and he will tell you that the Circle is waiting for you in the underforge. Head down there and the group will be discussing Kodlak and him not getting his dying wish and a way that we may yet still be able to do it: by going to Ysgramor’s Tomb and performing a ceremony. However, the tomb only opens up for Wuuthrad . However, Eorlund will come in and show us that he’s repaired the legendary great axe.

Our next objective will now be to travel to Ysgramor’s Tomb with the circle. And of course when I say “with” I mean “let’s fast travel and meet them there”. Ysgramor’s Tomb is in the far north reaches of Skyrim, on the ice floes, north of the city of Winterhold . Fast travel there and make your way to it and enter.

Once inside, you’ll find Vilkas, Aela, and Farkas. Vilkas will not be joining us, as he has “too much anger” (a poor excuse), but does caution us that some of Ysgramor’s general may challenge us. Aela and Farkas will join us. Active the statue of Ysgramor by giving it Wuuthrad , which will open up a door straight ahead.

Wuuthrad has been placed back in the hands of Ysgramor [left]. You are set upon my the Ghosts of former companions [right] as you venture through the tomb.

Travel down the path and sure enough, two companion ghosts will pop out of the left and right tombs. Take them out and continue on into a rather large room where four more will pop out. Four vs. three isn’t bad though, so take them out as well and go down the path to the left.

Down here there’s a small flooded section with four more ghosts, take them all out and loot the place. As you continue into an obviously spider-infested area, Farkas will call it quits. Turns out that ever since Dustman’s, he’s been afraid of spiders! He’s going to go back and wait with Vilkas! Gah!

Ok, just you and Aela now. Break through the cobwebs and into the frostbite spider room and start killing them all. There’s quite a few here. You could always use the hallway to make it a 1 vs. 1 fight. Break through another webbed doorway and a Giante **** spider will come down from the ceiling–giving you first strike. Kill the spiders in this room too and use the chain to open the door and continue on into the crypt.

Continue on and you’ll reach a room with a magical fire burning. Explore this room as there is a chest to be had with good stuff in it. When you’re done, go talk to Kodlak’s ghost. He will chat a bit and then ask you to **** throw one of the witches heads into the fire. Once you do, the wolf spirit will separate itself from Kodlak, and you must kill it with Aela. This will cure Kodlak of his beast, and he will be overjoyed. In fact, Kodlak will name you the new Harbringer and leader of the Companions.

After that the quest will end. Aela will accept you as the new leader as well, and in fact you can ask her to be your companion at any time now that this quest is done. We have one more thing to do first though. Head up the stairs on the right, be sure you loot that chest and pull the chain near the door here. Use this path to get to the entrance, and instead of going out the way you came in take the west exit out to Skyrim.

Out on the world map now take a right and follow the stairs. They lead to a Word Wall which teaches you the word Animal - Animal Allegiance . Well worth the small detour, no?

This is the last of the Main Companion Quests. You can now go back to Jorrvaskr to talk to the circle members and finish up some unfinished work. I will post these quests below for you.

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Glory of the Dead

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