• **Location:** Old Russia, Earth
  • **Level 26** - XP Bonus +4000
  • **Level 30** - XP Bonus +5500
  • **Level 32** - XP Bonus +7500, Mote of Light

Stop Skolas from usurping power from the House of Kings on Earth.

“Before him, foes will flee or fall. But he will heal the houses, make them whole.” -Prophecy, House of Rain

The Grottos

Select this mission from Earth and you’ll start in the Grottos. You’ll have a bunch of Acolytes, some Thralls, a Boomer Knight, and a Shrieker to deal with here. Drop down inside to find numerous Vandals and Dregs, they are easy to pick off since you have plenty of cover. Look for the Servitor and take it out, don’t worry as much about the Hive and Fallen since they’ll be battling each other at this point. The Vandals do have Slap Rifles though, so be wary of getting sniped. At the far end of the cave are Stealth Vandals, don’t let them surprise you!


Move through the Refinery where you’ll discover the Fallen and Hive are battling still. Do your best to pick off the Vandals and Knights first since they are the tougher enemies to deal with. As you progress back to the Rocket Yard you’ll find a Captain and the second Servitor that Variks had mentioned, take it out and enter the Rocket Yard. Head on over to Kings’ Watch, a new area where you’ll find more Fallen.

Kings Watch

Pick off the Dregs as you move to a staircase. Shanks and Vandals wait for you as you navigate the hallway. Progress until you are in a somewhat open area, here you can spot a Captain and Vandals along the upper level and mostly Dregs on your level. Focus on the Dregs, you’ll leap up to the Captain afterwards. Tracer Shanks are on the staircase to the Captain, be sure to keep some distance as they explode.

Move ahead to the final area where you’ll find three Wolf Barons – Yavek, Paskin, and Vekis. You can take them out in any order, just note the Servitors that can heal the Fallen and take them out first. There isn’t much cover since Fallen surround you, use the hallway you entered from as a fall back if you start to get overrun. Likewise, clear it out a little bit then move in and you can stay on the run picking off the small fry before taking out the Barons.

Completion: Check with Variks in the Reef for any new intel on Skolas.

“After the Battle of Iris, the united Wolves struck at Hygiea and sacked its libraries. The Reef Wars had begun.” -The Maraid

Turn in: Quest Complete!

“The Queen could not use her Harbingers again, for the Wolves lurked in the Reef’s shadows. So instead, she sent the Crows.” -The Maraid

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