Patrol Missions

When you are in Patrol Mode you can travel among the world without a need to complete anything. It’s an exploration mode for all intents and purposes. You will find Spinmetal lying around, hordes of Fallen and Hive, and curious Beacons around Old Russia. If you approach a Beacon, which can be located with Nav Mode, you can start a mission.

Public Events

There are a few Public Events around Old Russia. You’ll receive a notification from your Ghost and it will appear on the HUD normally displaying: “Event Incoming (Optional)” Because it’s a Public Event anyone can join in so just head over to the objective and do as well as you can!

Defeat the Warsat

Locations : Mothyards, Forgotten Shore, Skywatch

When a Warsat lands there will be a flash of light and a timer beings to count down from one minute. A Guardian must deploy their Ghost and the event will begin. A circle appears around the satellite and the more Guardians that stand inside of it, the faster the meter counting to 100 will fill. Enemies will begin dropping in to take the Warsat for their own, so you’ll need to defend this location from the Fallen and Hive.

There are a ton of missions in the Cosmodrome to complete. Find the beacons to activate a mission.

Eliminate the Target

Locations : Mothyards, Forgotten Shore, Rocketyard

A particular target with increased Vitality will be making its way to a destination. Your objective is to take it down before it reaches the fifth and final checkpoint.

Defeat Extraction Crews

Locations : The Steppes, Mothyards, Forgotten Shore

Fallen drop into the area in an attempt to extract Glimmer. You are tasked with clearing the drill site by defeating the Fallen. Once a crew is defeated another will emerge elsewhere in the zone so you’ll need to hasten over to it. Defeating three crews and saving three drill sites will earn Gold Tier.

Destroy Fallen Walker

Location : The Divide

In the Divide a Fallen drop ship will leave a Devil Walker in this Public Area. Employ tactics used in the Devils’ Lair Strike Mission to defeat the Devil Walker before the timer reaches zero – you have 5 minutes.

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