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This quest starts when Eris asks you to purchase the Urn of Sacrifice from Xur, Agent of the Nine. It costs 1 Strange Coin, so purchase it and get to filling it up!

“Take this Urn into the dark, and fill it with every nightmare and horror the Hive have bred.”

Gather Their Dust

Objective: Kill Thrall with Solar Damage from a fusion rifle and collect the Embers they drop. Death will reset your progress.

“The Thrall are the dark embodiment of the Hive’s hunger for the Light. Burn them… and coat the Urn with their Embers.” -Eris

This challenge is best completed by doing either “The Dark Beyond” mission (where Ghost shouts “You’ve awoken the Hive!”) or The Siege of the Warmind mission. Regardless of your choice, use a Solar Fusion Rifle (the Vex Mythoclast works best for this) and defeat 25 Thrall, collecting their Embers. Reset the missions by exiting to Orbit, don’t die. Once completed, the next phase starts immediately.

Gather Their Fury

Objective: Kill Cursed Thrall with your Melee attack. Death will reset your progress.

“Carefully, Guardian… You must allow yourself to be bathed in the Cursed’s seething aftermatter in order to gather the essence of their fury.” -Eris

The best place to defeat Cursed Thrall is going to be the Chamber of Night where you’ll encounter lots of them. Try to pick them off one at a time and defeat them with a melee attack when you’re at full health (Hunters can use Throwing Dagger to stay at range). You’ll need to do this 5 times without dying, if it gets rough just reset the mission by going to Orbit and collecting them slowly and steadily. Once completed, the next part starts immediately.

Gather Their Faith

Objective: Defeat Hive Acolytes (1 point) and Wizards (5 points) with Void Damage and collect their Sullen Hearts. Some progression will be lost on death. You need 100 points total.

“The Urn is almost full. One more ingredient and you will be able to enact one of the Hive’s darkest rituals.” -Eris

This is one of the longer parts but you’ll be able to do almost anything you want to collect the points you need. The Chamber of Night mission works well, you can play the first part of it repeatedly for about 30 points since there are plenty of Acolytes and couple Wizards. Again, reset the mission by going to Orbit and not dying or you’ll be penalized.

Completion: “At long last, Guardian. We may finally lure their king here.” -Eris

Reward: +100 Crota’s End Reputation

Gather Their Suffering

Objective: Kill Urzok, the Hated in Earth’s Skywatch during Public Events.

“Find the Hive executioner… and scrape the decay from his broken sword.” -Eris

Head to Skywatch and wait around for the Public Event to start where the Fallen and Hive begin battling it out. Here you’ll find Urzok, he’s a Major Knight and he’s pretty tough despite his level. Shotguns and Rocket Launcher are your best bet, though doing this with a team works well too.

Completion: “None have faced the Hated and survived… until now.” -Eris

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