Archers Line

The objective is to enter the Hive Fortress so hop on your Sparrow and go up the hill. At the other end of the accelerator you’ll want to descend where you are met by a large number of Fallen. Ahead you will meet two Major Knights ; use a Super Ability and Heavy Weapons to easily down them. Enter the Hive Fortress now and drop down to the bottom level, following the trail into the Hall of Wisdom.

Hall of Wisdom

As always, a warm welcome from a few Hive including Acolytes, a few Knights, and a friendly Wizard (be sure to kill him last). A well-thrown grenade will eliminate numerous foes at once and a long-ranged weapon is great for clearing them out, though a Heavy Weapon is preferable for the Wizard. Move into the second tier of the hallway where a Knight and a Shrieker await your arrival. They aren’t much of a challenge but a Hive dropship quickly swoops in to add Thrall, Acolytes, and a Wizard to their forces.

A grenade and a Super Ability should be plenty to clean up the Thrall and Acolytes. Take out the Shrieker next. Use Heavy Weapons to defeat the Wizard quickly and remember that the Shrieker can only be damaged when it opens up to fire. With the area secure, follow the path into the Circle of Bones.

The dropship (left) arrives near the Shrieker to drop off some more friends. The Shrieker (right) has a purple beam that splits and then comes together to kick your ass.

Circle of Bones - Darkness Zone

Your objective is to find the Knight and the Hive is in full force to stop you from doing that. Hive dropships sweep by, firing powerful projectiles and unloading Acolytes, a Knight, and a Wizard. Look right as you move past the second wave to find a tall fence that you can leap over to reach a circular area with the Major Knight, thus the Circle of Bones. Defeat the Acolytes and Wizard from cover; just keep moving and firing to avoid the Knight’s explosives. At the far end of the opening here is the entrance to The World’s Grave.

The Worlds Grave

Hop down to the bottom floor and make your way through the cave. There are plenty of Thrall eagerly waiting to rip you to shreds so be ready to melee them. In the Darkness Zone you’ll be attacked by more Thrall while the Acolytes and Knight use heavier weapons from the back. Like previous encounters, use cover to defeat the Thralls as they rush you then use the cover to get off precision shots. The final room of enemies hasn’t been alerted of your presence yet so use a Sniper Rifle to headshot one of them and follow with a grenade. This should quickly clear out a lot of the enemies, leaving the rest vulnerable.

At the far platform you’ll want to fully reload and let your grenade regen before deploying your Ghost. This action, like all previous ones, attracts a large number of enemies. The Hive attack with three waves of enemies: Thrall, Cursed Thrall, Acolytes, Knights, and a Wizard. Use a grenade on the Thrall, this will allow you time to take cover without losing health or getting mauled by the sheer number of foes. Next you’ll want to focus on the Knights because the Cleaver Knights will move in and deal massive damage but the Boomer Knights sit back and lob explosives.

Kranox (left) holds the key to The World’s Grave. In the final room, the enemies are kneeling in prayer (right) so you can sneak up on them. Lob a grenade in their midst.

A powerful Hand Cannon and Shotgun is very useful for this stage and of course any Heavy Weapon is good for emergency situations as well. Save your Super Ability for the final wave so you can defeat the Thrall and Cleaver Knights that rush you. Take the Graven Codex to the Cryptarch after you’ve defeated the final enemy.

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