Dead Ghost #1 - Ghost Fragment: The Shattered Coast

Location : Headlands - “A Stranger’s Call”

Grimoire : Currently Not Listed

From the starting point, head across the first pool of water and towards the second. At the back of the second pool is small rock formation like the others but also the Dead Ghost.

Check the rock here next to the second pool of water for ghost 1 (left). Check this car (right) for ghost 2.

Dead Ghost #2 - Ghost Fragment: New Monarchy

Location : Shattered Coast - “A Stranger’s Call”

Grimoire : Allies > City Factions

There is a cliff with a decrepit structure at its end and a few cars that are rundown in front of it; this is where you set up your Ghost to unlock use of your Sparrow. The small car has the Dead Ghost in the back seat or what’s left of it.

Dead Ghost #3 - Ghost Fragment: Awoken 2

Location : Ishtar Academy - “The Archive”

Grimoire : Guardian > Races

Enter from the Shattered Coast and look down the main hall to see a large angelic statue. Before this hall turn left and leap up onto the balcony of the third floor. Down the hallway on the left side you’ll find the Dead Ghost on the shelf.

You can see the balcony for this ghost here (left). Jump up there and find the ghost here (right).

Dead Ghost #4 - Ghost Fragment: Vex

Location : Ishtar Commons - “The Archive”

Grimoire : Enemies > Vex

Head outside towards the great tree in the middle of the area. Turn left and leap atop the roof to find the Dead Ghost nestled against a support beam.

Jump up the roof of the building to grab the ghost.

Dead Ghost #5 - Ghost Fragment: Exo 2

Location : Ishtar Commons - “The Archive”

Grimoire : Guardian > Races

Heading towards the big tree where you first came into the area, turn right and go up the stairs which are situated behind the tree. Before you get to the end of the pathway, look right to find an opening where the Dead Ghost sits on the ground amidst rubble.

Look to the right here (left) to find the ghost next to a skeleton.

Dead Ghost #6 - Ghost Fragment: Vex 3

Location : N/Gen Branch

Grimoire : Enemies > Vex

Enter the building with the blue circle around the symbol. Turn right and race down the hallway, turning left at the end. This gets you to the N/Gen Branch. Go up the steps and take a right turn so you can leap up onto the platform where you’ll find another staircase. Climb both levels and look to the end of the balcony here to find the Dead Ghost.

Once in the N/Gen Branch, look for these set of stairs (left). Run all the way up to the top to find the ghost.

Dead Ghost #7 - Ghost Fragment: Legends

Location : Dig Site 4

Grimoire : Allies > Legends & Mysteries

This Dead Ghost is best found after Dead Ghost #5. From the top you can look across from the staircase; there is a hole in the wall, it’s a tight fit but a Double Jump gets you there. Follow the path into Dig Site 4 and turn right at the red sign into the Ishtar Laboratory. Head into this room and down the left side to the opposite end. In this kitchen look in a sink to find the Dead Ghost.

Head through this doorway and look in the sink for the ghost.

Dead Ghost #8 - Ghost Fragment: Human 2

Location : Hall of Whispers - “The Archive”

Grimoire : Guardian > Races

Enter from the Ishtar Commons and head up the right set of stairs. Turn right and follow it around to a corner where you need to leap into the tree to find the Dead Ghost on a branch.

You can see the tree holding the ghost (left). You need to leap into it or leap near it and quickly grab the ghost.

Dead Ghost #9 - Ghost Fragment: Venus

Location : Ishtar Cliffs - “Ishtar Collective”

Grimoire : Places > Venus

Enter from the Shattered Coast and you’ll spot the Ishtar camp on a hill ahead. Stick to the water and turn left to spot a tree. Climb up the cliff here to see the Dead Ghost upon it.

Leap up next to this tree here (left) to find the ghost on the little rockface.

Dead Ghost #10 - Ghost Fragment: Ghosts

Location : Waking Ruins - “Ishtar Collective”

Grimoire : Guardian > Ghost

Right from the start ride your Sparrow and go down the right path. Stick to the path until you see a chance to break off to the right where a structure is located. Don’t go right, instead turn left and dismount. You can normally find a mission beacon here on Patrols. Climb up the cliff and circle around to the left through the archway. Jump atop the highest point of the formation at the end of the cliff to find the Dead Ghost.

You must leap all the way up here from below. Jump on top of the pillar in this corner (left) to find the ghost.

Dead Ghost #11 - Ghost Fragment: Vex 2

Location : Campus 9 - “Ishtar Collective”

Grimoire : Enemies > Vex

From the starting location you can see a large building with a satellite on top. Head down the path and to the right of this building, leaping atop a smaller red structure. Reach the cliff from this location then make a running Double Jump across the large gap. The Dead Ghost is on the ledge.

You will need to climb the cliff face and climb around the stone structures to reach the ledge housing the ghost (right).

Dead Ghost #12 - Ghost Fragment: Darkness 4

Location : Endless Steps - “Eye of a Gate Lord”

Grimoire : Enemies > Darkness

Head left from the gate and across the river. Above the ledge here is a smaller platform that you can reach. Leap left from here to another small platform and then onto the structure high above where you can see what looks like a light beam shining down. The Dead Ghost can be acquired here.

Find this structure (left) and jump on top to grab the ghost.

Dead Ghost #13 - Ghost Fragment: Thorn

Location : Ember Caves - “Scourge of Winter”

Grimoire : Inventory > Primary Weapons

Enter from the Headlands and race towards the Ishtar camp with their blue flags; it should be mostly a straight shot. There is a cave just before it to the right; follow it to the end and awaken the Dead Ghost.

When you reach this camp, take a right into the cave. Inside is the ghost.

Dead Ghost #14 - Ghost Fragment: The Dark Age 2

Location : Winter’s Lair - “Scourge of Winter”

Grimoire : Places > The City

Head through the cave until it opens up to a wider area. To the right you can see the sky and ramps that lead towards it; you’re not going that way! Instead turn left towards the darkness and navigate to the corner where a hidden path will lead to the Dead Ghost in the foliage.

You can also follow the ramp up here to the same corner and the ghost.

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