Take the Urn to the Moon.

“You must use the contents of the Urn to instigate the rise of the Forsaken. And bring me their eyes.” -Eris

Level 26 - Engram, XP Bonus +4000

Level 30 - Mote of Light +5, Cryptarch Engram, Vanguard Marks +10, XP Bonus +7500

The Hellmouth

Head through the Hellmouth and down into the Circle of Bones. You’ll need to fight various Acolytes and Thrall along the way and they’re levels are adjusted to this mission. In most cases you can just run through the areas until you reach the Circle of Bones, but if you want to kill them it isn’t anything challenging, just keep an eye out for the Cursed Thrall.

Circle of Bones

Turn right as you enter the hallway and defeat the Chosen Wizard and Chosen Acolytes. Taking the high ground is preferential as you can shoot the Hive easier from above. Continue to The World’s Grave where you enter a Darkness Zone.

The Worlds Grave

You’ll head into the first room and find it empty, the second room has more Hive for you to defeat. Stand on the Sacrifical Cauldron to start the ritual. At this time a Sword of Crota will spawn for use during the rest of the battle, but Crota’s power will poison the air so you need to quickly grab it then get out of the poisoned areas. Your new objective is to “Survive the Attack” and you’ll do this in waves:

Use the Sword of Crota to defeat Thrall.

  1. Thrall

  2. Acolytes

The first two waves are pretty simple, grab a Sword of Crota and just avoid the poisoned floor while you slash through the Hive.

Wizard’s go down easily to Golden Gun.

  1. Knights

  2. Wizards

During these two waves you may want to drop the Sword of Crota so you can deal ranged damaged. It’s hard to hit Wizards in mid-air with the Sword of Crota, but a Golden Gun or some Sunsinger Solar Grenades should do the trick – a Solar Shotgun can kill Wizards in one or two shots as well.

Use Heavy Ammo on the Ogres.

  1. Malgor, the Forsaken and Thogar, the Forsaken

At this point you’ll get two Ogres, a Rocket Launcher can easily dispose of them or you can hide and slowly whittle down their health. Once defeated, you’ll have completed the ritual and this mission. You will be rewarded with a set of Legendary Gauntlets based on your class that have +33 Light as a maximum:

Titan: Knightbone Guard

Hunter: Acolyte Rung

Warlock: Thrallskin Brace

Reward: +100 Crota’s End Reputation

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