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Dead Ghost #1 - Ghost Fragment: Exo Stranger

Location : The Breach

Grimoire : Allies > Exo Stranger

During the initial mission you may find this Dead Ghost after the hallway with the trip mines. It is located under the walkway in a corner of the large room before you go through the large fans and reach The Divide.

Look underneath the walkway (left) for number 1. Looking up (right) you should see a glowing blue ghost through the hole for number 2.

Dead Ghost #2 - Ghost Fragment: Cosmodrome

Location : The Breach

Grimoire : Places > Earth

During Patrol Mode return to the area where you first acquired your rifle. Head down the hallway and turn left, looking up you’ll notice a hole. Use a Double Jump to reach the Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #3 - Ghost Fragment: Mysteries

Location : The Divide

Grimoire : Allies > Legends & Mysteries

As you enter the divide there is an area you pass through that opens up to the rest of the zone. The two buildings are adjoined with a billboard. With some clever jumping you can climb atop the left building and find the Dead Ghost on the back end of the billboard. If you cannot make the jump, come back when you have Double Jump during Patrol Mode.

The billboard here (left) has number 3 on top. Look inside the giant pipe for number 4 (right).

Dead Ghost #4 - Ghost Fragment: Earth

Location : The Divide

Grimoire : Places > Earth

To reach Dock 13 you need to go left from the entrance of the Divide, but the Dead Ghost is off to the far right. There is an abnormally large pipe where you can find it lying on the ground.

Dead Ghost #5 - Ghost Fragment: Darkness

Location : The Steppes

Grimoire : Enemies > Darkness

From the landing zone there is a large shed where you can navigate down to collect a map during the Restoration Mission; the shed next to it has the Dead Ghost inside.

Look in the shed to find the ghost on the floor (left) for number 5. On the left side of the dead end (right) you will find number 6 in the grass.

Dead Ghost #6 - Ghost Fragment: Fallen

Location : The Steppes

Grimoire : Enemies > Fallen

When heading to the Mothyards you’ll find a large open duct. If you follow it to the end you’ll find the Dead Ghost amidst the grass.

Dead Ghost #7 - Ghost Fragment: The Dark Age

Location : Mothyards

Grimoire : Places > The City

From the entrance via the Steppes head off to the right side towards the Lunar Complex. There is the wing of a plane buried in the ground but it’s angled up towards a cave. Inside is a Level 7 Captain that guards the Dead Ghost.

Jump into the cave and search the ground inside for number 7.

Dead Ghost #8 - Ghost Fragment: Cosmodrome 2

Location : Mothyards

Grimoire : Places > Earth

At the transition point to the Forgotten Shores is a snowy path. Follow it up to a small cave entrance where you’ll be able to find the Dead Ghost hidden within a pile of rocks.

Jump up the path here and head in the cave to find number 8.

Dead Ghost #9 - Ghost Fragment: Darkness 3

Location : Lunar Complex

Grimoire : Enemies > Darkness

Inside the room where you encounter the Hive for the first time are numerous storage containers and structures. Shift to the right side and get to a higher point to spot the Dead Ghost atop a storage structure.

Jump onto the crates (left) to find number 9. Follow this path around (right) to find number 10. Beware the Hallowed Knight!

Dead Ghost #10 - Ghost Fragment: The Traveler 3

Location : Sky Watch

Grimoire : Allies > The Traveler

Venture over to the area where there is a rusted helicopter and go towards the ledge at the edge of the zone. Drop down and clear out the Fallen so you can safely enter the room where the Dead Ghost can be found. Be very careful as an Ogre or Hallowed Knight can guard this entrance. Come here at high level.

Dead Ghost #11 - Ghost Fragment: Jupiter

Location : Terrestrial Complex

Grimoire : Places > Jupiter

Enter the complex from the Forgotten Shores and the Dead Ghost is shining amidst the open lockers. This one is hard to miss on your first go around.

Look to the lockers to find number 11 (left). Go inside the cabin (right) to find ghost number 12.

Dead Ghost #12 - Ghost Fragment: Abilities

Location : Forgotten Shores

Grimoire : Guardian > Sub-Classes

During the Warmind Mission you have to find two signals, one of them is on a wrecked ship. Next to this ship is a smaller one with a cabin entrance; inside is the Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #13 - Ghost Fragment: Legends 2

Location : Bunker RAS-2, Forgotten Shore

Grimoire : Allies > Legends & Mysteries

Enter the RAS-2 building (the large one on the hill) and go down the stairs. Beware the Hallowed Knights and look beneath the stairs for the ghost.

Look beneath the stairs in the bunker for number 13 (left). Jump up here (right) in the Rocketyard to get number 14.

Dead Ghost #14 - Ghost Fragment: Human

Location : Rocketyard

Grimoire : Guardian > Races

Visit this area from The Divide and leap to a rooftop near a hollow crate. There are plenty of Dregs and Servitor near the crate. On this rooftop you’ll find the Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #15 - Ghost Fragment: Hunter

Location : The Grottos

Grimoire : Guardian > Classes

Travel alongside the coastline of the Forgotten Shores and you’ll encounter some Dregs. Continue this path to find a large sewage pipe with a Dead Ghost inside.

For this one you can drop down the ledge here and get the ghost (number 15) directly below you.

Dead Ghost #16 - Ghost Fragment: The Last Word 2

Location : Refinery

Grimoire : Inventory > Primary Weapons

In this area you’ll need to move to where you encounter the Fallen and Hive during the Devils’ Lair Strike Mission. In the room beneath the Russian Company Logo is a table with the Dead Ghost atop it.

During the Devils’ Lair Strike you can find ghost number 16 in the Refinery (left). Run up the stairs in the Devil Walker area to reach ghost 17 (right) sitting on top of a table.

Dead Ghost #17 - Ghost Fragment: Fallen 2

Location : The Blast

Grimoire : Enemies > Fallen

In the area where you fight the Devil Walker in the Devils’ Lair Strike Mission you’ll be able to exit via the stairs. Follow them up and you’ll spot the Dead Ghost atop the table.

Dead Ghost #18 - Ghost Fragment: The City Age

Location : The Tower - Tower Watch

Grimoire : Places > The City

From the spawn point go left past the Postmaster and use the steps. Atop the crates you can reach the Dead Ghost.

Go up stairs and grab ghost 18 from on top of the crates (left). Ghost 19 (right) is found on the left side near the Speaker in Tower North.

Dead Ghost #19 - Ghost Fragment: Warlock

Location : The Tower - Tower North

Grimoire : Guardian > Classes

Head over to the Speaker in Tower North and go up the steps on the left side. On the small round table is a Dead Ghost.

Dead Ghost #20 - Ghost Fragment: The Last Word

Location : The Tower - Hall of Guardians

Grimoire : Inventory > Primary Weapons

In the area where your Vanguard Mentor is located take a quick right as you enter to spot the Dead Ghost lying on the table amidst other things.

Near the Vanguards on a table right of where you enter is ghost 20 (left). During the Iron Banner Event, head to Traveller’s Walk and take ghost 21 from the railing (right).

Dead Ghost #21 - Ghost Fragment: The City Age 2

Location : The Tower - Traveller’s Walk

Grimoire : Places > The City

During the Iron Banner Event you’ll be able to access Traveller’s Walk and find this Dead Ghost on the railing.

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