There are a lot of corridors and tight spaces in this map.

This map is fairly small and somewhat symmetrical. It’s on a research base at the Moon, designed with an inner and outer ring for combat. The inner ring is the area near the artifact at the center of the base while the outer ring consists of the caves and loading dock area. There are little corridors and passages that connect the caves to the docking area, but only a few to the inner ring. It’s possible to fight in the open at the center but you are best sticking on the move through the corridors. While sticking to the hallways you want to have close-range weapons. Mid-range weapons are useful as you move out to the docking area but Sniper Rifles are not favored.

Melee combat and Shotguns should thrive here as you’ll turn corners and could bump into the enemy. Auto Rifles are also a great weapon to carry around for transitioning between the inner and outer rings without fear of being unable to take an enemy down. Stick to Rocket Launchers in this map when it comes to the Heavy Weapons; it’s too simple to fire a rocket down a narrow path for a kill. Use the Motion Tracker to the best of your ability. It’s difficult in the inner ring so it’s best to make that just a passing through area though you should always be ready for a right.


There are plenty of buildings to hide in as well as plenty of outside areas.

In the remnants of an old city on Venus you’ll find this wonderful map. With overgrown streets and buildings, this is a perfect mix of urban combat. Use the buildings as cover and the street to transition between them. Most of the structures are ruined with multiple entry points so there isn’t a single place to sit and hide. Behind the large water container you find a decent spot to snipe down the main way but you are still left open at some point. When you do need to hide it’s best to crouch on the upper levels to make your pings on the Motion Tracker more faint.

In order to thrive on this map you’ll need to pay attention to the Motion Tracker and always check the hallways that transition into the street as it is ripe for combat. Camping in one of the buildings will likely leave you exposed unless you are in a team mode with others though being so close together leaves you open to a Rocket Launcher or Super Ability that will devastate the entire group. Keep on the move between buildings to confuse your enemy and constantly crouch behind the small walls to throw your opponent off.


This map offers plenty of space so travel by Sparrow is a must.

This map is on Mars and features many of the structures you’d see there from the Cabal and Vex. Travel by Sparrow is recommended unless you are able to acquire a Pike or Interceptor. The roads intertwine forming a figure eight with the buildings in between. Buildings are connected by a bridge that leaves players vulnerable to Sniper fire. Each building has a turret on the street side to deal with the vehicles but will be exposed from the buildings. There is a slight elevation change through the middle and more gradual increase along the edges.

This map is great if you are a good Sniper. There are numerous spots among the rocks and buildings to hide in and crouch to avoid being seen often. Aiming down the middle of the map allows plenty to shoot at. If you want to use the Pike and Interceptor then stick to the outside portions of the road and aim inward so you are avoiding the turrets that can easily mow you down. Fighting in the buildings is perfect if you like to use Fusion Rifles and Shotguns as you’ll be able to defeat numerous enemies with some crafty maneuvering. The Motion Tracker can be deceptive in this map so be careful trusting it.

Blind Watch

There are multiple levels to this map as well as plenty of hiding places.

On a former human city in Mars you’ll find this hydroponics and water processing facility. One half of the map is a tightly woven infrastructure for close-quarters combat and the other half opens up into a multi-tiered bonanza. The large turbine spins slowly round and round, leaving gaps to enter and leave from. The tanks outside provide cover and ways to elevate, looking down at opponents that are near the building. There is an overhang in the back of the building with an open window to allow quick access in and out though of course, you could always use the door.

In terms of strategy, you’ll simply want to play with whatever you are best at and stick to it. Perhaps a combination of both short-range and long-range weapons like a Hand Cannon and Sniper Rifle or an Auto Rifle and Fusion Rifle would work out for the areas of transition. The map lends itself to many avenues of attack so be sure to explore the different ways you can enter and leave the building to attack your enemies outside or sneak in from the outside to surprise them. In terms of the Motion Tracker, it shouldn’t be hard to tell where an enemy is unless they are directly above you. The different elevation lends to confusion sometimes so instead rely on what you can see in those situations or head for cover.

Burning Shrine

There are a lot of tight spaces and hallways to sneak around. There are twists and turns aplenty too!

This structure is high tech and Vex-like as the hallways and structures are designed in that style. In the middle of the map you’ll find a set of rotating barriers that allow you to run or jump through in order to reach the next room. Both sides are roughly symmetrical with tight pathways that lead back into much larger rooms. In this map you’ll want to avoid using long-range weapons and instead equip a Shotgun, Auto Rifle or Fusion Rifle for the easiest kills.

Use the raised platforms to your advantage. One runs through the middle of the map and makes an easy way to transition between the main hallways. Hiding in the larger rooms works well too; sitting in the corner then unleashing a full-on assault is often too much of a surprise for your enemy to overcome. Remember to use your grenades to flush enemies out and if you have Seeker-style grenades use them to gain further knowledge about the location of the enemy.

Exodus Blue

This map takes place in Old Russia inside a junkyard. The main area has numerous entrances, exits and places to hide.

This map is currently a timed exclusive for Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. The map is full of life and really interesting on any game mode. It takes place in a junk yard near a fuel line. There are some buildings around but these are ruined. It’s pretty much a giant rectangle with different angles into each of the main areas. The center is a large building with numerous entry ways and is always a mainstay for large battles. You’ll be able to take cover almost anywhere and use almost any weapon you want on this map, though short and mid-range will flourish more than a Sniper Rifle.

As mentioned, most of the combat will take place around the central area with the large building with many entrances, referred to as Zone B during Control matches. It’s easy to stay closer to the outside, near what is called Zone C during Control, and look inward. Grenades and melee modifier will play a larger role more than close-quarters combat so, if you are going in, just make sure you are able to unleash a flurry of skills or you’ll likely die. The map is still made up of several lanes around the central building though, so it’s easy to use the Motion Tracker to determine where your enemy is located – take advantage of this common assumption by crouching along the perimeter.

Firebase Delphi

There is a good mixture of outdoors and indoors combat on this map. The focus is inside however but there are not many places to hide.

The firebase is a Cabal outpost with a mixture of combat between the facility interior and outside on Mars. The facility itself is designed for the large stature of the Cabal so the hallways are huge and don’t feature a lot of cover. The command center has two levels with the upper portion overlooking the front and the lower level that connects outside as well as into the main hallway. This hallway is the central one and is always a high traffic area so enter at your own risk and be prepared to take some heavy fire. Use the missile rack in the middle as cover if you are just passing by or likewise stick to a corner for an ambush.

The map lends itself to more of a “run and gun” philosophy. Sitting safely, if anywhere, is likely a spot where you can’t find enemies like the outside outpost’s backside. It’s a safe location but there isn’t high traffic as the interior will always draw the firefights. Use a Fusion Rifle or Shotgun as your Special Weapon then a Hand Cannon/Auto Rifle as your Primary. This should allow you to run and shoot then continue running as you recover. It’s hard to use the Motion Tracker in this area to determine where the enemy may be located but in the open rooms it’s also hard not to see the enemy if they are present.

First Light

This is a moon map that centers around a research facility. Use of vehicles is essential and snipers will find this map enjoyable.

The layout of First Light is the ruins of a human research facility on the Moon. The map is large and open like the Bastion map and features the Pikes and Interceptors present in that map. Unlike the Bastion, the middle of the area is littered with lunar domes that have holes in them, allowing access to those brave enough to leap into the unknown. Moving through the interior of the facility is often the safest way to reach the far side where the opposing team can be found, though mounting a vehicle gets the job done too if you can evade fire from the turrets near each team’s spawn.

This map is a sniper’s heaven. The long-range combat plays to their strength as it’s easy to sit behind cover overlooking the research facility and to sit behind rocks along the outskirts looking inward and around the outer banks. As you would imagine, close-range weapons and mid-range weapons will do well in the dome-shaped buildings. Grenades and Super Abilities will thrive and remember that the Gunslinger’s Golden Gun can destroy vehicles in a single shot as well! A Fusion Rifle is likely your best friend during a match of Control or Clash but keep away from areas that are open outside or you’re going to get picked off by a sniper.

Rusted Lands

Another mix of outside and inside places, this map offers one central area but with numerous ways to access it. Good knowledge of the layout is a must.

An overgrown and destroyed factory complex is where the Rusted Lands takes place. The battlefield is a mixture of interior and exterior combat with the ability to shoot across the map or take cover inside a building and stalk your enemy. There is one center lane that leads Zone A towards Zone C in a Control match, it draws most of the attention but there are a few useful locations to sit if you would prefer to remain hidden. There are several ways to reach the central lane and almost any number of ways to circle around the buildings so this map will require vast knowledge of these exits and good use of the Motion Tracker.

If you can lockdown a portion of the map, mainly the corners, you’ll be able to use the Motion Tracker to get the jump on enemies. Towards the water behind the numerous buildings is a good spot to hold onto. The opposite corner in the building is somewhat harder to defend because of the numerous entrances but it plays well with a Fusion Rifle. The corner with the crashed Hive ship is the most open of the areas and is best defended with an Auto Rifle. The final corner behind the water container is great for sniping down the lane.

Shores of Time

There are a lot of open areas near sheer cliff faces as well as plenty of structures to fight around.

In the jungles of Venus you’ll find this Vex influenced landscape. Like the Vex, this map is deceptively complex as it’s a mixture of ruined human outposts and Vex integration. Areas around the outside are simply open cliffs so be careful fighting there or you may wind up falling to your death. The central area is the Vex structure and it offers ways around to the rest of the map but that means it will also be high traffic and full of combat. Enter at your own risk; just expect someone to always be there. The outside of the map can be a bit open and allow room for Sniper Rifles to come into play, but mainly mid and close-range weapons are fine.

You’ll have the opportunity to play to your strength on this map regardless of what it may be. Inside the central area just focus on powerful close-range weapons like a Shotgun, Hand Cannon, or Fusion Rifle to eliminate players who choose to cross through the shortest path. Likewise an Auto Rifle/Sniper Rifle combination will allow you to lockdown certain corners of the outer ring. The Motion Tracker is almost a dead giveaway on this map because there aren’t many numerous angles to enter from but there are lots of different ways to enter that singular path.

Twilight Gap

Taking place near the Tower, this map is multi-tiered and complex because of fences that allow you to see your enemies but not shoot them. Teamwork is essential!

This map is interesting because it takes place along the wall of the Tower and the City, the Traveler visible in the sky. This is a fortified structure with numerous ways to get around the multi-tiered area. The complexity of the map comes from the numerous fences that allow visibility but the inability to fire through and the many points of conflict that could be the mainstay for combat. The map is generally a square with the front side being the cannons aimed outward and the back being the cable car/radar facility. The catwalks offer a way to transition, albeit dangerously in the open, from one side to another quickly.

The complexity of the map gives way to team combat over singular play, pending a Super Ability. The multiple routes and elevations often make it hard to pinpoint an enemy and finding one usually means another has found you from a different angle. The edges of the map are best for a lone wolf character like Hunters, but a Defender Titan or Voidwalker Warlock will be able to clear large groups together and can benefit from going rogue as well. It’s best not to stay in one place for too long as someone is bound to find you, regardless of your crouching status or not.

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