Round 1

  • Enemy: Hive
  • Modifiers: Exposure, Brawler
  • Objective: None

Round 2

  • Enemy: Vex
  • Modifiers: Grounded, Airborne
  • Objective: Destroy Mines

Round 3

  • Enemy: Cabal
  • Modifiers: Catapult, Arc Burn
  • Objective: Dismantle Mines

Round 4

  • Enemy: Fallen
  • Modifiers: Specialist, Juggler
  • Objective: Kill target

Round 5

  • Enemy: Fallen
  • Modifiers: Trickle, Small Arms
  • Objective: Kill Pilot Servitor

Round 6

  • Enemy: Fallen
  • Modifiers (rotates weekly):
    • Brawler, Juggler
    • Small Arms, Lightswitch
    • Catapult, Angry
  • Objective: Kill Skolas, Kell of Kells & Dismantle Mines

Skolas, Kell of Kells

Phase 1

This phase requires you to defeat a Ghost Servitor in order to sever the bonds with Skolas so he takes normal damage, otherwise Skolas will take next to no damage. The most important concept to the entire fight is add control. It is possible to spawn too many at once and you’ll get overwhelmed, so always focus on taking them out. Your kill order is as follows:

  • Melee Captains
  • Ranged Captains
  • Snipers
  • All other enemies

This initial phase isn't too difficult, just focus on killing adds and put some damage on Skolas after you take the Servitor out. You will transition to Phase 2 at 65% health so make sure the adds are downed before you make it there.

Phase 2

This phase introduces the Tainted Essence. One member will receive this debuff and it will kill them after 30 seconds unless another team member takes it. Once the debuff has been removed, the Guardian receives a 30 second buff called Immune meaning they cannot take the Tainted Essence so you need a set order to take the debuff as you’ll be doing this repeatedly until Skolas dies. Be sure to switch the debuff when the timer is under 10 seconds so that everyone isn’t immune.

Rotating becomes important during this time since your side can get overrun easily and you need to focus on passing the debuff. Rotate clockwise from the right platform to the left to buy yourselves time to take out adds, then focus on putting damage on Skolas. At 50% he will transition to Phase 3 so be sure you’ve just passed the debuff and have most adds cleared out.

Phase 3

This phase introduces a new objective, dismantle mines! Instead of staying in your comfortable ledges, you must now venture to the middle at least once and the Tainted Essence continues. This is a very trying time for most Fireteams, you’ll want a Defender or Bladedancer to take the middle mine and you need to move as a team between left and right ledges to dismantle the mines quickly. The most important thing is dismantling at this point, sometimes it’s best to let a Sunsinger with the Tainted Essence grab a difficult to reach mine so he can die then ressurect. This buys a little bit of time to recover after the mines. You’ll have to deal with this again at 25% health, so be ready for it. Once these two objectives have been completed, continue to pass the Tainted Essence and deal heavy damage to Skolas.

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