Location: Ishtar Sink, Venus

Level 28 - XP Bonus +4000

Level 30 - XP Bonus +5500

Level 32 - XP Bonus +7500, Mote of Light

Follow Skolas as he moves through the Ishtar Sink on Venus.

“Paladin Rife forced Drevis’s ships directly into Bamberga’s path. Drevis’s ketch was destroyed, and she and

her high servitor were captured.“ -The Maraid

Entering the Terminus

You start in the Waking Ruins once more, head to your right and towards the Vex Citadel. Move past the two

Major Minotaurs in the way to reach The Juncture. The Fallen and Vex are battling for this area, but the Fallen

are winning so you’ll want to focus on taking them out. There are Sniper Vandals to the right and Elder Shanks

that will push on your location. Vechron, Spire Lord (Major Hydra) guards the middle of the area so focus on

taking it out quickly then work on the Dreg and Captains. Once all enemies have been defeated use the lift

controls and enter the lift.

To progress forward you’ll need to jump over the machines that fade in and out of the timeline, very similar to

the Vault of Glass. Once across jump over the left wall made of gold to find another Dead Ghost . You’ll need to

fight through Vandals and Dregs in the next area. There’s plenty of cover, so take your time and play it safe.

A single Captain will emerge and begin backtracking, don’t fall for the trap and chase too quickly since you’ll

need to fight off more Fallen. To your left, the area opens up but before venturing that way leap atop the

right side column to find the third Dead Ghost of this level.

Skolas, Kell of Kells

There are two Wolf High Servitors guarding the portal to Skolas, you’ll need to take them out from distance or

approach and run away for Skolas to spawn. Backtrack down the ramp and climb atop the column off to your left

(the one with the Dead Ghost). From here it’s easy to pick off Skolas with Heavy Weapons and Sniper Rifle fire.

Once his health is depleted far enough he will be captured and the mission will end. Well fought, Guardian!

Completion: Variks wishes to honor you.

“The Hildian Campaign had two purposes: to break Skolas’s siege of Pallas and to position the Crows for an

expedition to Jupiter.“ -The Maraid


Beneath the Reef, the Queen’s deadliest foes lurk deep in the ancient arena known as the Prison of Elders.

Gather two teammates and brace yourselves for the onslaughts of ruthless enemies!

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