Location: Meridian Bay, Mars

Level 20 Strike

Fireteam: 1-3 Players

Rewards: Armor Upgrade

An ancient Mind, feared by the Vex themselves, hides among the channels of the Black Garden. Find this machine and end its existence.

Reaching the Mind

This strike takes place in the Black Garden level for the most part, you’ll be navigating it backwards. Move up the stairs to a somewhat open area where Goblins and Hobgoblins will be waiting for you. A Minotaur is present below, just handle it and wait for more Vex to arrive once you’ve dispatched the current wave. The Vex will continue to spawn for a few waves, be sure to take out the Major Axis Hydra as you’ll be exiting that way. Grenades should work wonderfully here as the Vex clump up quite a bit. After the third wave you’ll be able to exit as the barrier fades.

Run through the corridor to the next area, the same location where you fought the final boss. This time you’ll be moving up the staircase, defeating Goblins and Hobgoblins along the way. At the top you’ll be tasked with eliminating the Precursors, a special group of Vex that move through time. Nearly all of these enemies will be Majors and lots of them spawn constantly. Focus on the Minotaurs, circling around them and using a Void Shotgun can dispatch them quickly, but a Super or multiple Grenades can do the trick as well. The Cyclops in the back should be your main objective, hit it with Heavy Ammo to take it out quickly and avoid unnecessary damage.

Once the Cyclops is down, defeat the remaining Precursors to proceed. Follow the path into an enclosed structure, another Darkness Zone. Minotaurs await all around this area with some Hobgoblins, focus on the ones off to your right first so you have some cover. Once ready, leap down to face the Undying Mind.

The Undying Mind

Vex will pour out of the portal, you’ll need to just kill them as they appear and it’s a great means to ammo anyways. When the Minotaurs are defeated the boss will spawn. It’s a fast moving Hydra with three gaps in it’s shield and is accompanied by other Vex. Step back when you have to so you can clean up the additional enemies before refocusing on the boss. There is plenty of cover in this area, just remember to defeat the additional enemies first and you’ll have lengthy periods of time to damage the Undying Mind.

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