Ishtar Cliffs

Head towards your previous mission’s objective through the Shattered Coast and your marker will point you off to the left and into the Ishtar Cliffs. You need to find a Mind Core but there are plenty of enemies to stop you from doing that. There are Fallen near the cliffs; kill them if you want but otherwise you can ride past them on the Sparrow. Ahead you’ll have a Cyclops that warps in as you follow the path. It launches explosives from up high so just be careful. There are Harpies and Goblins nearby too so take cover from them as you defeat the Cyclops. Its weak point is the eye so a Sniper Rifle or Heavy Weapon is preferable for a swift defeat. Collect the Vex Mind Core now that its been defeated and head towards Campus-9.

Use this pillar for cover to avoid the worst of the Cyclops’s fire. Shoot it right in the eye to do critical damages.

Campus 9 - Darkness Zone

Exit to the Waking Ruins at the opposite end and into Campus 9. Your task changes to eliminate the Fallen which include Dregs, Vandals, and those little Shanks that sneak up on you. At the research center you can deploy your Ghost to analyze the Mind Core but this draws the attention of the Vex who spawn just outside the building. Harpies, Goblins, Hobgoblins, and a Minotaur appear over the course of three waves. You’ll need to stay agile as grenades will be lobbed at you and the enemies can appear from numerous locations.

You must keep moving and using the various support structures and cover around the room. You can easily get swarmed if you aren’t careful.

A well placed grenade of your own and some accurate shots with an automatic weapon should help tremendously. Multiple Minotaurs appear in the final wave and Vex emerge from all angles. If you back out of the building you will have a better choke point to take out the numerous Vex. Return to your Ghost and take the Radiolaria to your Vanguard Mentor for an Armor .

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