Loot Fallen Vandals, Wanted Fallen or Fallen Chests on Venus for Fallen Shiplinks.

“Prince Uldren discovered deep flaws in the Wolves’ networks. A common Vandal’s shiplink can be used to track fleet movements.” -The Maraid

Quest Rewards : Royal Amethyst, Emblem Reward, +100 Queen’s Wrath Reputation

Venus Patrol

For this mission you’ll be on Patrol on Venus. It’s quickest to go to the Ember Caves as lots of Vandals respawn there and you’ll be able to fight Wanted Fallen, obtain Ether Keys, and open the chests. Return to Variks with the stolen shiplinks.

Update: Bring stolen shiplinks to Variks in the Reef.

“The House of Judgment shall have no ketch, but it will live among the other Houses to guide the kells and keep their secrets.” -Eliksni Pact

Turn In: Check with Petra in the Reef for any new intel on Skolas.

“After the Scatter, many would-be kells squabbled for power. In the end, only Skolas and his Silent Fang were left standing.” -The Maraid

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