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The Will of Crota

“Only Omnigul remains. Crota’s vile Will and last remnant of his inner circle. Her her down.”

Objective: Hunt and kill Omnigul in the Will of Crota Strike on Earth.

“Omnigul is the last, and most wicked, of Crota’s disciples. If she lives, his wrath will spread… and all Light will die.” -Eris

Group up and take out the Thrall to avoid being overwhelmed.

You start on the Forgotten Shore. Ride up into the Terrestrial Complex where you’ll face numerous waves of Fallen and Hive. The important enemies to watch for are the Captains and Reaper Vandals since they can kill you quickly. When the Hive come it’s important to handle the Thrall with grenades or take them out quickly so you aren’t overwhelmed. Use Supers as you need, sitting in the entrance isn’t a bad idea but it isn’t too difficult to move into the open if you need to.

Snipe the Vandals before they snipe you.

Move up to the array area where you’ll find a lot of Fallen. Reaper Vandals are sniping in the back and above, Dregs and Shanks will rush your location, Captains will join into the fray, and drop ships will reinforce with a Major Captain toward the end. Pick off the Vandals that are sniping first then make your way to the lower platform. Defeat the Captains and Stealth Vandals with Rocket Launcher or Supers for a quick and safe victory then progress out into the Skywatch zone. Move across the zone and down into the Jovian Complex where you’ll find Omnigul.

There are numerous Wizards in this location.

Watch out for the Hive here, there are Knights, Thrall, and Wizards that can really get up in your business making it difficult to progress. Take your time picking off the enemies, a Major Ogre will appear once the Wizards are defeated so take cover and hit it with Heavy Weapons if you need to. In the final room ahead you’ll find Omnigul, the Will of Crota.


Silence her screams forever.

Defeating Omnigul can be difficult if you don’t know how to keep damaging her. Sitting at the entrance can be safe, but it’s hard to see up into the center and see Omnigul. Cursed Thralls can also spawn behind you and that gets messy. Knights, Acolytes, Thrall, and Wizards spawn through out the fight so you need to hit Omnigul hard and take her down quickly. If you run into her room and jump over the bridge and into an alcove you’re actually in a very safe zone. Enemies can’t get in, there’s a spot on the left to hide, and you get easy shots on Omnigul periodically. Use this location to Rocket Launcher shots in while someone else distracts, preferably a Defender Titan.

Clear adds when you can, keeping an ear out for Omnigul’s ear-piercing screech. This is a sign that reinforcements are coming, so clear them out before trying to get more damage in. Again, the person (or two) that can fit in the back space have a golden chance to do a lot of damage. A Bladedancer can be beneficial for stealth revives, it’s bound to happen with all the poison and arc balls being fired. Keep a level head, it can be hectic but Omnigul doesn’t have a huge health pool and should go down after 20 or so rockets.

Completion: “Omnigul is dead. The spectres of Crota’s reign have fallen to your Light. The shadows cower before you, Guardian.” -Eris

“Omnigul is no more. The Light grows stronger thanks to you, Guardian.” -Eris

Turn in: “Omnigul has fallen! Crota’s Will is shattered. Maybe now I can find peace.”

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