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The Vex are architects of ancient and complex structures thought to be buried within every celestial body. Linked by a network unlike any on Earth, they operate in unison, directed by a single unfathomable purpose.


Hezen Corrective

We understand the Vex as a network of thoughts, unified and vast. But not all Vex are the same. The Hezen Corrective is one example of a Vex subtype, set apart from other Vex by distinct behaviors and objectives. Swarming across the Ishtar Sink, these Vex aggressively seek out and attack the Fallen House of Winter, perform inscrutable operations around shining Confluxes, and even show interest in the Golden Age ruins left by the Ishtar Collective.

The bulk of our contact with Vex forces on Venus has involved the Corrective. Those scholars willing to risk their reputations speculating about the Vex often assert that the Corrective is an agent of change, designed to solve problems and remake the world in a form suitable to the Vex. Others contend that Corrective is simply a strategic distraction - meant to draw attention away from the actions of the Hezen Protective.

Hezen Protective

The mysterious Hezen Protective is the second major Vex behavioral unit on Venus. Concentrated around the legendary Vault of Glass and the Endless Steps, the site of a massive Vex gate and the access point to the towering Citadel, the Protective’s behavior seems very defensive. But leading Cryptarchs and experienced Guardians warn that it would be a fatal mistake to think of the Vex as a conventional military occupying an area. Vex behavior is always a process, active and purposeful. The Protective is clearly engaged in a colossal project, but as with much Vex behavior, it’s unclear whether their ultimate purpose is even comprehensible to us. The Protective may be reacting to an event that has yet to occur, or working towards a goal that - to us - is already historical fact.

Virgo Prohibition

Mars is wracked by an ongoing theater-level conflict between the Cabal and a Vex subtype known as the Virgo Prohibition. These aggressive, relentless Vex constantly test the Cabal exclusion zone, apparently heedless of losses. In spite of the Vex onslaught, the Cabal have managed to expand its beachhead and maintain a hold on several mysterious Vex structures. The Prohibition’s tactics seem to be failing in the short run.

But it seems unlikely that an organization with the sheer computational scope of the Vex could be dragged into a losing war of attrition. Is it possible that the Vex are trying to draw out the Cabal strength? Or that their surface losses are a distraction from a deeper strategic ploy? Ikora Rey has proposed that the Vex units can best be understood as algorithms - each a unique mapping of inputs to behavioral responses. Perhaps the Virgo Prohibition is simply the wrong algorithm for its environment, and its failure will drive the greater Vex network to adapt and improve.

Sol Divisive

Beyond the towering Meridian Bay gate lies the Black Garden, adrift in time and space. And within the Garden dwell the Vex of the Sol Divisive, frozen in rapture. We have precious little insight into the Divisive’s behavior. They seem central to Vex actions in the solar system: the Garden is clearly a place of enormous power.

Legends and scant field reports all indicate that the Divisive Vex behave religiously. Why would a hyperintelligent, time-spanning thought mesh exhibit religious behavior? The answer seems as obvious as it is chilling: if the Vex found worship and devotion more effective than any other behavior, they would adopt worship. Whatever the Vex found - or made - in the Garden, it transcends even their power.


Those who delve deep into the Vault of Glass have seen time itself torn asunder. Awestruck Ghosts report encounters with ancient Vex, their casings built long before the age of humanity. It would be easy to assume these Vex are the ancestors of those we face today - but with the Vex it is never so simple.


Survivors of the Vault of Glass report sightings of ancient Vex - ancient in the sense that they have endured for eons. Convergent analysis from multiple Ghosts suggests that these Vex exist in our future. If the Vex exist in our future - or in a possible future - should we take this as evidence that their defeat is impractical or unattainable? The Guardian Vanguard is quick to point out that time travel remains a mystery, and that the continued existence of the Vex is not remotely a sure indication of humanity’s extinction.


The Goblin is the basic unit in the vast computational network that is the Vex. Shattering the large, fan-shaped head does not seem to cause lasting damage but sends the Goblin into a crackling frenzy.


Weapons : Slap Rifle, Torch Hammer

Weak Point : Glowing point in midsection

A common trait among all Vex is the ability to blinkwalk, teleporting a short distance either away or towards you. The Goblin is no different and will use this ability to close in and distract you. These machines move slowly and usually comes in large number. They don’t try to take cover too much, instead they almost mindlessly move towards their target in an attempt to overwhelm. A Goblin with a Torch Hammer can be lethal as the exploding damage is hard to contend with but shooting the midsection will shred a Goblin easily. Stick to cover and pop out to fire a few shots with your Primary Weapon to the glowing midsection. A Super Ability is great for clearing an entire wave and giving lots of Orbs of Light for your team. Shooting the head off a Goblin results in it wildly charging forward which is a great time to defeat it.


Specialized for sniping, this lean, tough Vex model is fitted with improved optics and acute sensors in its horns. Like the Goblin, the Hobgoblin contains a milky radiolarian fluid. Attacking a Hobgoblin often triggers a defensive reflex - the Hobgoblin seals itself in stasis and waits for help.


Weapons : Line Rifle, Slap Rifle

Weak Point : Glowing point in midsection

This machine is much like a Goblin, it has the same weak point and its head can be shot off to cause berserk mode. The differences end there as the Hobgoblin will fight from distance and take cover, even employing a deadly Solar Shield when hit to prevent damage and cause damage to those that get too close. Mainly, this Vex will attempt to snipe from distance using the Line Rifle. Fight back with your own Sniper Rifle to one-hit them, or bait them with a quick hit to cause the shield to appear then barrage them. If you do take off the head, you’ll eliminate the Solar Shield ability.


The fastest and most mobile Vex, the Harpy is an airborne unit often deployed in flocks on patrols and scouting missions. They must stop and stabilize before attacking.


Weapons : Twin Slap Rifles

Weak Point : Red eye

Epic Modifier : Gains an Arc Shield

Harpies move quickly and swiftly, hovering over the ground. They cannot fly through the air or traverse a gap by simply “jumping” over it though, because they don’t use blinkwalk. They are fairly easy to defeat because they will need to stop before firing, which means you can track them and then fire a flurry of bullets into the eye of the Vex.


Minotaurs pack brutal heat, but most of their processing power is devoted to the physics of building massive Vex complexes, suspected to extend through multiple dimensions. Minotaur models are thicker and harder to crack than any other bipedal Vex, and they use their teleportation capability aggressively.


Weapons : Torch Hammer or Slap Rifle, Void Shield

Weak Point : None

Like other races, the Vex have a heavy unit and the Minotaur is it. This machine has a Void Shield that needs to be taken down before you actually damage it. This can be tough because the Minotaur can charge, blinkwalk, and it has a powerful Torch Hammer most of the time. This makes this one of the most formidable foes out there. A Void Fusion Rifle is usually best for taking down the shield. It’s possible to break the Minotaurs face, caving it in. This will cause the Vex to wildly rush towards you firing the Torch Hammer crazily; it also initially stuns it and is the best way to deal extra damage because the Minotaur has no weak point.


The Hydra is a miniature fortress. Despite its physical slowness, it is a rapid processor of the data fed to it by other Vex, and what it lacks in mobility it makes up for in impregnable defenses and rock-melting firepower.


Weapons : Twin Torch Hammer

Weak Point : Glowing yellow eye

This enemy is different than many others and is very unique. Armed with a set of Torch Hammers, the Hydra can deal quite a bit of damage. It’s very slow moving and easy to evade, but with other enemies around the Hydra will become difficult. It has a slow rotating shield that is impenetrable, so you need to take your shots when the shield is away from where you are aiming. It’s an easier enemy to take down in a group because you can spread out, allowing someone to always hit the Hydra. Keep back from the Hydra once you have defeated it because this Vex explodes and will likely down you if you’re too close.


The Cyclops is a huge, stationary Vex construct with a powerful Void weapon. Guardians think of Cyclops as gun platforms - batteries installed to protect key points with devastating mortar fire. But some evidence suggests that the Cyclops is in fact an enormous sensor or beacon, and that its weapons capabilities are secondary. What the Cyclops senses remains unknown, although its mind core is vast. It may play a role in the Vex networked intelligence, or in navigation across space and time. A damaged Cyclops can be forced into a state of punch-drunk confusion, its inputs overwhelmed by hostile fire. This can result in fratricidal kills on other Vex units.


Weapons : Twin Torch Hammer

Weak Point : Eye

Since the Cyclops is immobile you’ll want to just take cover and fire pot shots at it. Likewise, Heavy Weapons or a Super Ability work well like with any foe. You won’t encounter many Cyclops on your journey, at least not yet.

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