Dead Ghost #1 - Ghost Fragment: Hive

Location : Archer’s Line

Grimoire : Enemies > Hive

From the spawn point of the first mission, go up the hill. There is a large pipe with two white stripes and a yellow stripe. Leap atop the structure at this point to find the Dead Ghost.

Jump on top of the structure here for ghost number 1 (left). Later in the Hall of Wisdom, look near the abyss for number 2 (right).

Dead Ghost #2 - Ghost Fragment: Moon

Location : Hall of Wisdom

Grimoire : Places > Moon

Head through the Hall of Wisdom and as you pass the large room with a glowing chandelier, you’ll be able to locate the Dead Ghost. Look on the left side on the ledge near the abyss.

Dead Ghost #3 - Ghost Fragment: The Ocean of Storms

Location: Archer’s Line

Grimoire : Places > Moon

From the top of the hill with the pipe suspended above it, look for a moon dome and some barriers. If you peer over the edge here you will glimpse the glowing blue Ghost. Double jump over to reach it.

Head to the barriers and peer into the chasm to see the Ghost perched on a ledge below. Double jump over to it.

Dead Ghost #4 - Ghost Fragment: Dead Orbit

Location : Anchor of Light

Grimoire : Allies > City Factions

Look for the main building with a large satellite dish. Climb up the girders to find the Dead Ghost on the support beam.

On the structure with the satellite dish, perched on a girder, is ghost number 4.

Dead Ghost #5 - Ghost Fragment: Saturn

Location : Circle of Bones

Grimoire : Places > Saturn

From the entrance, follow the right hand side down a hallway. When you reach the “U-Shaped” window, leap to the ledge. From here you can Double Jump behind the area. Be aware that you may will need the upgraded precision Glide or it becomes difficult to land on the platform Follow the railing to the Dead Ghost.

If you look out the window here, you will see a small ledge. Use it to jump behind this area to find ghost number 5.

Dead Ghost #6 - Ghost Fragment: Darkness 2

Location : Hellmouth

Grimoire : Enemies > Darkness

Enter this area from the Anchor of Light. On the right hand side is a small camp; go down there and into the first building to find the Dead Ghost.

Search inside this building (left) in the camp for ghost 6.

Dead Ghost #7 - Ghost Fragment: Mercury

Location : The Gatehouse

Grimoire : Places > Mercury

Turn left as you enter this zone and go up the ledge to find the Dead Ghost.

Head over to the ledge here (left) and look over to find ghost 7.

Dead Ghost #8 - Ghost Fragment: The Traveler

Location : Shrine of Oryx

Grimoire : Allies > The Traveler

Along the way to the final area is a cylinder where a vast quantity of enemies emerge. In this room you can see structures that are shaped liked ribs. Navigate the right hand side and look for the Dead Ghost on top of piles of garbage.

Head down this corridor to the end and look right to find ghost 8.

Dead Ghost #9 - Ghost Fragment: Warlock 2

Location : Temple of Crota

Grimoire : Guardian > Classes

You must be on the level “Chamber of Night” to get this Dead Ghost. Descend into the temple until you reach a very large structure. The waypoint will move to a set of stairs at this point. Descend to the next room and look up high to spot a small platform. Cross the room and leap around the environment to reach the platform with the Dead Ghost.

Use this structure to start the jump around the room (left). Follow the platforms to the top to find the final ghost on the Moon.

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