“Crota’s soul may be gone, but his army still haunts the Earth. Find them in the ruins of Old Russia. End them.” -Eris

Eyes of Crota

Objective: Patrol the Terrestrial Complex in the Cosmodrome. Steal the Servant’s treasure and lure out his masters.

“The Eyes of Crota gather secrets for their master. Lure them out where the last array blossomed.” -Eris

Head through the Skywatch and into the Terrestrial Complex. Kill the Servant of the Eyes then steal the treasure to trigger the event. Numerous Thrall, Servants of the Eyes (Major Knights), and three Eyes of Crota (Major Acolytes with Boomer Rifles) will appear from the Hive drop ship. This event ends when the Eyes of Crota have been defeated so use a Sniper Rifle or Rocket Launcher from distance for a safe and simple completion.

Completion: “Is there a threat you wouldn’t face?” -Eris

Hand of Crota

Objective: Patrol the Lunar Complex in the Cosmodrome. Seek out the Servant of the Hand to lure out its master. “The Hand of Crota is a brutal enforcer. Hunt him in the dark corridors where you first encountered the Hive.” -Eris

Move through the Mothyards and into the Lunar Complex. In the corner of the room where you encounter your first Hive is a Servant of the Hand, defeat it to trigger the event. Many spawn points will be enabled allowing Thrall and Cursed Thrall to spawn in large numbers, it would be best to back off down the steps but you can defend the corner where the Servant of the Hand was located. Eventually the Hand of Crota will spawn, it’s a Major Knight with a Blade of Crota and with the Thrall around it can be difficult in the close quarters without a Shotgun to quickly take him out. Use a Super if you need to take him out quickly, most any attacking Super should do the trick.

Completion: “You have avenged countless lives, Guardian.” -Eric

Heart of Crota

Objective: Patrol the Refinery in Cosmodrome. Defeat the Servant of the Heart to lure out its master. “As long as the Heart beats, the blood of Crota will flow across the face of all you hold dear.” -Eris

Go through the Divide and Rocketyard to reach the Refinery. Before you enter the large area where the Fallen and Hive battle you’ll find a Servant of the Heart. The Heart of Corta is a Major Wizard so you need to drop it’s Solar shield first, a Golden Gun works wonders here as does Ice Breaker or Vision of Confluence though any Solar damage weapon is useful for dispatching this Wizard. Be mindful of the poison and the Thrall that spawn in the hallway you entered from and you should be fine.

Completion: “All black hearts must be broken.” -Eris

Reward: Completing all three mini-missions unlocks the Will of Crota Strike.

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