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Venus is much different from the Moon and Earth. There are lush jungles and water everywhere. There are universities, museums, and libraries though they are all swallowed up by the jungles. The Fallen continue to infiltrate everywhere but this is the home of the Vex. In terms of resources, you’ll be able to collect Spirit Bloom.

Shattered Coast

You need to find the Guardian Outpost here so you can link up your Sparrow. Head down the hill and you’ll find Fallen occupying the street. The outpost is not far, it’s very similar to the Earth and Moon missions where you didn’t have to move far away from the landing spot. Head around the corner towards the sea then defeat the enemies here before deploying your Ghost. Follow the coast line and you’ll eventually run into a large group of Fallen inside a building. A grenade should flush them out from hiding, then you can pick them off. Check out the computer at the top of the steps and deploy your Ghost to find your next destination.

Ishtar Academy - Darkness Zone

You will need to go back towards the coast, reaching a hole that sends you into a corridor towards Ishtar Academy. The area will switch to a Darkness Zone at this point. Deploy your Ghost to investigate; you’ll get a look at a new race, the Vex . Defeat some of them on the lower level and head up to the balconies for added cover and optimal position for ranged weapons. Your objective changes to “Resist the Vex” at this point and you will then face off against some Goblins . Shoot them in the body; their glowing midsection is a weak point and blowing their large heads off causes them to shoot wildly while charging you.

The Vex are a new type of enemy. Minotaurs (right) are particularly strong.

Hobgoblins mix in with the Goblins after the initial wave. They are similar to the regular Goblins but they will deploy a shield once hit so you need to kill them in a single shot or destroy the shield after they stand back up. At the end, a Minotaur will show up at the far end. It moves quickly, can blink walk, and has no weak point. A Grenade or Super Ability is best for taking them out as the Heavy Weapons are often too slow. Continue to use the pillars on the sides to flank the Vex and the mission will end. Return to the Tower with the Goblin’s Eye and speak with the Vanguard Mentor for an Armor Upgrade.

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