Round 1

  • Enemy: Cabal
  • Modifier: Specialist
  • Objective: None

Round 2

  • Enemy: Fallen
  • Modifier: Lightswitch
  • Objective: Destroy mines

Round 3

  • Enemy: Fallen
  • Modifier: Airborne
  • Objective: None

Round 4

  • Enemy: Fallen
  • Modifier: Exposure
  • Objective: Dismantle mines

Round 5

  • Enemy: Fallen
  • Modifier: Grounded
  • Objective: Kill Kaliks Reborn, Kill Target when Kaliks hits 50%

Kaliks Reborn

The rounds leading to Kaliks Reborn aren’t too difficult, but the boss can be. This High Servitor is large, comes with lots of enemies, and some powerful Dreg Majors called “Archon Servants” that must be defeated. Failing to defeat the Archon Servants results in Kaliks Reborn draining them of Ether to recover its on health. The focus of the fight is damaging Kaliks Reborn and defeating Archon Servants, all other enemies come second. At roughly 50% health, a Major Captain will appear and must be slain or else the Fireteam will wipe.

Guide Information

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The Traveler blessed us with new life, terraforming our solar system and allowing us to make great strides as a civilisation. That is, until the Darkness came. Now the Traveler hangs suspended over the last bastion of humanity, floating alone. Out of those remnants, you are awoken as a Guardian to fight against the tides of Darkness. Look up to the stars and claim your destiny.

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