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Valley of the Kings

Make your way to this area and head off to the left where the ginormous gate is located. There are Hydra and Minotaurs in your way though this is a Public Area and you might get some help clearing them all out. Enter the gate to be sent to a different time.

Upper Garden

The Goblins here are immobile; just run past them until they awaken. Watch for the Minotaur in the corner and continue firing through. The blocks are great for taking cover and defeating the machines. A Cyclops is ahead with Harpies and Hobgoblins. Defeat the Hobgoblins so you aren’t randomly sniped then deal with the Harpies before shooting the eye of the Cyclops. Continue onward to find a Major Hydra. It’s best destroyed with Heavy Weapons and from a distance so the explosion doesn’t kill you.

Use your Heavy Weapon on any Hydras and Cyclops to make things move a little faster.

Lower Garden

Head back outdoors and deal with the Vex as you navigate to the end of the trail. Here it opens up into a wonderful view that appears to be a dead end. Hop down and you’ll see two dishes that are on opposite ends. Start with the left one after you pick off most of the Goblins and Hobgoblins. Harpies will come from the left and a Hydra sits on the right. Just be careful and use a Super if you need to. Scan both dishes then activate the Conflux.

In the final section, you will fight three Ultra Minotaurs that each have a large pool of HP. Stand under this ramp (right) for protection.

Sol Progeny

In the final area you’ll have to defeat three Ultra Minotaurs that are activated one at a time while Harpies and Hobgoblins fire at you. The best place to sit is underneath the ramps that lead to the platforms above, closest to the statues. Use Heavy Weapons and Solar Damage to pierce through these quickly and you will have defeated this foe! Return to the Speaker for a Mote of Light .

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