The Lunar Complex

Head into the Lunar Complex and follow the path upstairs, but instead of a frenzied attack the room is dark and quiet. As you reach the top you’ll find Hive Acolytes battling the Fallen; let them weaken each other then swoop in to eliminate both sides for the most experience gain. The second room is filled with Dregs, Vandals, and a Captain. Once you clear them out you’ll have a clear shot through the corridor where you will be outside at the Skywatch.


This is a fairly large open area and it’s Public so you can team up with other players to clear the harder encounters. The Fallen and Hive continue to battle it out here, but you want to make your way to the Terrestrial Complex at the far end of the Skywatch.

Using a Super Ability on the Captain and Fallen in this room (left) is a good idea. The Terrestrial Complex (right) is surrounded by Fallen so beware as you approach.

Terrestrial Complex - Darkness Zone

Once you enter this area you’ll be in a Darkness Zone. There are a few Dregs and Vandals in the building. When you reach the final room before heading back outside you’ll want to hold up and pick off the Fallen to avoid being caught in the open and under fire. There is also a Captain that you need to defeat but it shouldn’t be hard to defeat him once the other Fallen are downed. Turn the corner to reach the Control Station and be on the lookout for Stealth Vandals that will attack you as you move around the perimeter. Head inside once you kill the Captain and deploy your Ghost at the computer.

The first wave brings a Hive ship that shoot darkness balls from the turrets and they deal some decent damage. Take cover behind the computers and wait as the Thrall rush your position. A melee attack and a close combat weapon like a shotgun is perfect for this situation. Once the Thrall have been defeated you can peek out to defeat the Wizard. The second wave brings more Thrall but also Acolytes and a Cleaver Knight . Like the previous wave, focus on the Thrall as they will attack aggressively then defeat the Acolytes. The Cleaver Knight should be left for last because it has the ability to heal with a wall of dark energy.

Jump Ships approach ahead (left) and drop off a ton of enemies. Hallowed Knights (right) shoot blue balls of death which you want to dodge. Headshots are, as ever, effective.

The third and final wave is similar to the last one, bringing Thrall, even more Acolytes, and a Hallowed Knight . You need to avoid the Hallowed Knight and defeat the enemies in order to once again lessen your chances of being defeated from simply being overwhelmed. Once the Thrall are defeated you’ll likely need to be on the run a little bit as you deal with the Acolytes. Since this is the last wave don’t be stingy with your Special and grenades; do whatever you need to do so you can secure the computer. With the mission complete, head to the Gunsmith at The Tower to receive your choice of Heavy Weapon .

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