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Find the Warminds hidden bunker beneath the Cosmodrome and cleanse the Hive from its systems.

Crota’s armies are seeking out the last Warmind. You must stop them from finding Rasputin.

Rasputin is a treasure to covet… and fear. Do not let Crota’s army destroy him. “ - Eris

Head through the Forgotten Shores and into Bunker RAS-2 at the far end. Descend to the entrance of the next area and make sure to Awaken the Dead Ghost under the steps if you haven’t done so before. Head to the Seraphim Vault, a Restricted Zone, to find a couple of Knights and numerous Thrall waiting for you. A well- placed grenade should flush most of them out but try to kill the Knights first so you can melee the Thrall as they rush your location.

Fight your way up the steps as Hallowed Knights lob shots your way and more Thrall charge you. Enter the main computer chamber and jump on one of the smaller consoles. Use this new height to leap atop the cables and from here, jump to the very top where you should Revive the Dead Ghost. Leap down and you’ll spot a small computer console but don’t go there yet! Instead, go around the left side and down the steps. Look against the back wall here to find another Dead Ghost. Now approach the console on the platform to start a series of Hive waves.

Defending Against the Waves

This part gets progressively more difficult with each wave. At the start, Omnigul will appear and Thralls will be summoned to distract you. Hit Omnigul hard; having Ice Breaker here is very useful for the Solar Damage and a full clip will force Omnigul away. Deal with the remaining Thrall then position yourself for the first wave by standing near the console. In the front, where you entered, you’ll see Omnigul summoning this wave. Pick out the Waker of Crota, the Wizard that looks like Omnigul, and kill it swiftly before it can begin summoning Vestiges, green circles of death on the floor that will drain most of your shields and damage you if touched.

The second wave will have two summoning portals, both located in the back. A few Rocket Launcher shots should clear out most of the enemies and let you focus on the Wakers of Crota. Stay alert as Cursed Thralls will make their move on you in this phase; use them to wipe out the masses of Thralls that rush you.

The third wave consists of three summoning portals all around the room so you need to focus on one side and take it out quickly so you can get some breathing room from the others. Once again, use a Rocket Launcher/Grenades to thin out the enemies then focus on Wakers of Crota.

The final wave will bring Hallowed Knights, Acolytes, Thrall, and the Might of Crota (an Ultra Ogre). Hitting the Might of Crota for a critical hit will stun it momentarily, so focus on that and use Heavy Ammo to dispatch the Hallowed Knights as these get closer to you. It’s easy to hide from the Might of Crota and wipe out the other enemies, then take out the Ogre when it’s alone. Use your Super Ability to quickly take the upper hand and close out this mission.

Completion - “ Rasputin remains intact, but I can feel the light trembling. Deep within the Hellmouth, the Hive are waking Crota’s soul. “ - Eris

Turn In - “ The Warmind is safe, but Crota’s soul is waking.

The Warmind is safe… for now. But your victory only makes the Spawn of Crota more determined to wake their master. “ - Eris

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