The Steppes

This mission starts you off in a large open area where you’ll find numerous cliffs, valleys, sheds, bunkers, and of course Fallen waiting to kill you. The middle sections here are in the Public Area where you may battle alongside some other Guardians. Enemies here respawn over time so you can come back throughout your travels in this mission. Head past the large shed and to the crashed ship where your Ghost will inspect it.

From here head into the large shed you passed earlier and clear out the Fallen. It’s easiest if you toss a grenade in to flush them out. Take the steps down where you’ll encounter a few more Fallen and a map that your Ghost will scan. This will be the overhead map where you choose your missions. Climb back up and watch out for any Fallen that may have entered the shed. Return to where you landed and enter the large installation via the stairs up the side. As you enter you’ll find the first Gold Loot Chest sitting on the table to your left.

Scanning the map of the area (left) allows you to look at other areas to investigate on the mission select screen. Gold Loot Chests (right) are few and far between but offer strong equipment.

Dock 13 - Darkness Zone

A Darkness Zone is a private area where only you and your Fire Team will be fighting the hordes of enemies that lie ahead. If you die then you will start back outside the area and must progress back through it. This first area isn’t too tough and you should be able to reach the boss fairly quickly.

Riksis, Devil Archon

Darkness Zones (left) have limited respawning. If you die you must start from the beginning. Riksis (right) and friends can be taken down with grenades and well-placed headshots.

There are a lot of Fallen in the final room. Use the pillars as cover so you can pick them off, but save your grenade. Riksis, the Devil Archon will emerge from a hole in the wall once you’ve defeated all the Fallen and he’s a bit more challenging than the previous boss. His critical spot is his head but he won’t flinch unless it’s a shot from a Special Weapon. Use your grenade to take out the Vandals that will join the fray and keep unloading on Riksis. With the Warp Drive secured the mission will come to a close.

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Dragon Slayer

Kill a champion of the Dark.

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