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The Fallen are ruthless scavengers. Brutal and uncaring, they arrived on their massive Ketches in the wake of the Collapse to loot and pillage our devastated worlds. There are hints of ancient nobility to the Fallen - the scars of lost grandeur. The Kells of their scattered Houses still claim to be royalty. But they leave only grief and wreckage in their wake. There are five houses amongst the Fallen.


The House of Devils

These are the scourge of the City, the shadow below our walls. This is the House that led the battle at the Twilight Gap, the House we tell our children about to frighten them into behaving. The House of Devils have now devoted great strength to pillaging the Cosmodrome in Old Russia, hunting for something buried below. If they are not held in check, whatever they find might prove the City’s undoing.

The House of Exile

There is more than a whiff of desolation about these Fallen. Their ranks are swollen with Dregs; their rags threadbare. Perhaps this is a new House, gathered from the outcast malcontents and disgraced castaways of the others, galvanized by pride or hate or the desire for freedom. Be watchful. If this is true, they will surely be hungry to secure their position - and that may drive them to bold action.

The House of Winter

The Fallen House of Winter, led by the ruthless Kell Draksis, have been found operating in and around the Ishtar Sink on Venus. Their interests there seem directed at the ruins of the Academy along the Shattered Coast, but there are concerns that their focus may, in actuality, be directed elsewhere - toward the ominous Citadel that rises like a warning above the Waking Ruins.

The House of Kings

The colors of the House of Kings are rarely seen. They act with brutal contempt, as if they hold their rivals - other Fallen and City alike - in disdain. We have yet to grasp the full measure of their strength.

The House of Wolves

The bulk of the House of Wolves now falls under the control of the Queen of the Reef. There are many stories of how this came to be, but they are too varied for the truth to be separated from rumor.


Dregs cling to the lowest rung of Fallen society. Docked of their lower arms in a ritual of humiliation and obedience, Dregs seek to prove their worth. Only a few will survive to gain promotion and regrow their limbs. Their suicidal bravery is fueled by ambition and shame.


Weapons : Shock Pistol, Shock Dagger, Shock Grenade

Weak Point : Head

Dregs like to hide behind cover and peak out, taking their time to fire a few shots before retreating. At range they will use their Shock Grenades to try and flush you out. A Precision Shot or two will likely fell a Dreg; a melee strike is normally a kill as well.


Shanks are the bulldogs of the Fallen. Small and tough enough to go where Dregs won’t fit, they scout, keep watch, and patrol. Fallen Walkers deploy Shanks from internal bays for tactical support and field repairs.


Weapons : Shock Pistol

Weak Point : None

Epic Modifier : Gains Solar Shield

While not having a weak point, Shanks are still fairly weak and easy to defeat. They almost serve as target practice and, unless in large numbers, will not cause much of a threat with their weak weapon fire. These enemies become truly deadly when the Epic Modifier is in place because they gain a Solar Shield that needs to be broken through with Solar Damage.


Soldiers, brawlers, assassins, and scouts, Vandals are the seasoned regular who fill out the skilled roles within a Fallen crew. Whether from distance or up close and personal, they are seasoned, efficient killers, with an arsenal of weaponry and tech to match their bloodlust.


Weapons : Shock Rifle or Shock Blades. May have Wire Rifle.

Weak Point : Head

Vandals prefer to battle at range using their Shock Rifles unless they are of a different variant. The Sniper Vandals use a Wire Rifle that deals heavy damage but it’s easy to see the shot coming as it takes a charge up. The other variant is a Blade Vandal that will craftily approach to deal heavy melee damage. Both enemies can be Stealth Vandals, making them even more dangerous. Deal with these foes by exposing their position with a Grenade and by flushing them out from cover to place a few shots to the head.


Having clawed and knifed his way to the top, scattering bodies and limbs in his wake, the Captain is the strongest and most ferocious member of the crew he musters around himself. His ration of Ether is the largest, his blades the sharpest, his guns the finest. Upon his shoulders hangs the flag of his House, if he swears loyalty to any. For his crew, the slightest hesitation to comply earns a slash from his sword. Defiance results in immediate amputation, if he is in a good mood, or death, if he is not.


Weapons : Shrapnel Launcher, Shock Blades, Shock Rifle

Weak Point : Head

The Captains are the most deadly of the Fallen. They come equipped with Arc Shields that you’ll want to counter with Arc Damage to quickly remove. But removing the shield only means that the Captain will switch from offense to defense, waiting for the shield to return. You’ll often need to clear out the lesser Fallen in order to focus on the Captain. They can teleport away and are elusive by nature.


Servitors are living relics of the once-mighty Fallen civilization. Packed with ultra-sophisticated machinery, they process matter and energy into the Ether that the Fallen depend on for life. In battle they support the Fallen with defensive systems and their own powerful energy weapons. Outside, they anchor Fallen comms and provide vital technological acumen. Servitors have complex relationships with each other and with their Fallen crews. Servitors are attached to a Prime, a massive Servitor which exists in unclear symbiosis with a Fallen Archon. The Archon conveys the Kell’s wishes to the Prime Servitor, and exerts some measure of control. Recent developments suggest that Prime Servitors are more than a focus of worship and logistical activity. They may play a key role in Fallen star flight.


Weapons : Eye Blast

Weak Point : Center of Eye

Servitors emit an energy, an aura that heals nearby Fallen. This single ability makes them worthy of a kill-first status. They are fairly tough to defeat but they are easy to land Precision Damage on because of their large eye. A Rocket Launcher or Super Ability is great for taking out these enemies who rarely fire their powerful Eye Blast, taking cover instead.


Fallen Walkers are mobile gun platforms deployed in offensive and defensive roles alike. Though their insect-like design gives them an eerie, almost lifelike quality, these heavily-armored monstrosities are purely robotic. Their advanced tracking systems can account for multiple targets as their forward repeaters and massive main gun sweep the battlefield for threats. Mine dispensers provide close defense against dismounted infantry, and an on-board Shank foundry produces armed repair drones.

Walkers are immediate and deadly threats, having ended the Light of countless Guardians. The Fallen do not hesitate to deploy them to provide overwatch for their salvage and extraction crews. Walkers are also commonly used as blocking forces to guard key Fallen assets. At the Battle of Twilight Gap, Walkers engaged in a thunderous artillery duel with the City’s gun positions.

The collected wisdom of battle-hardened Guardians suggests Walkers can be beaten by focusing fire on the legs, overloading the Walker and rendering its armored core briefly vulnerable. When the Walker stumbles, Guardians should focus all available firepower on the exposed components beneath the neck plating. Some externally mounted weapons can also be disabled with precise fire.

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