This is the last bastion, the only city remaining amidst the Darkness. Here, Guardians from all over gather to support the Vanguard in an effort to turn back the Darkness. In the opening location, called the Tower Watch, you’ll be able to see Special Orders off to the left. In the same building, but to the front, is the Postmaster . Off to the right is the Cryptarch and in the upper right corner is the Gunsmith . The Bounty Board is just up the short steps and you can access the Hall of Guardians by going under the staircase. Tower Hangar is to the right, and Tower North to the left.

In the Hall of Guardians you will find the Crucible Quartermasters. North of them are the Vanguard Mentors. The Tower Hangar has the Vanguard Quartermaster, the Shipwright, and two Factions: Dead Orbit and Future War Cult. In Tower North you’ll find the Outfitter, the Speaker, and the third faction: New Monarchy.

Tower Watch

The Gunsmith (left) sells weapons of decent calibre. The Postmaster (right) will track bounties and give you messages.

Banshee-44 sells weapons, sometimes Rare quality. The best stuff that he sells includes the ammo synthesis items that replenish ammo for specific weapon types.


Kadi 55-30 is the Postmaster. This robot will deliver messages to include leads on Bounties, returning loot that falls of ledges during missions, and other various items such as Emblems from promotional codes.


Master Rahool is the Cryptarch. He is an Awoken that decodes engrams for Guardians. He also exchanges artifacts for Glimmer, usually 200. The engrams can be decoded into various weapons/armor but there is also a chance that they will decoded into Mote of Light or Strange Coins. The higher your Cryptarch Reputation, the higher chance of receiving a better decode. After ranking up enough, each further level will send a Legendary Package to the Postmaster that includes engrams, Motes of Light, Glimmer, and/or other various items.

Special Orders

Tess Everis is an Awoken that deals in special items. Here you can find most of the promotional code items, both Shaders and Emblems.

Bounty Tracker

Xander 99-40 is the Bounty Tracker, a robot that will post Bounty Missions for Guardians to complete. Each Bounty returns a specific amount of Experience and Reputation for either the Vanguard or Crucible. Complete enough Bounties for Xander 99-40 and it may post an Exotic Bounty for you.

The Bounty Tracker (left) lets you access and turn in bounties you have collected. The Cryptarch (right) deciphers any engrams you find.

Hall of Guardians

Crucible Quartermaster

Arcite 99-40 will sell vehicles for use in the Crucible. It also takes resources found in the field, 50 at a time, in return for Glimmer and Crucible Marks. In addition, you can find numerous weapons for sale.

Crucible Handler

Lord Shaxx is a veteran who sells Legendary Armor in exchange for Crucible Marks.

Hunter Vanguard

Cayde-6 is the Vanguard for all Hunter Guardians. He sells armor for Hunters, Emblems, and Vanguard Armor.

Titan Vanguard

Commander Zavala is the Vanguard for all Titan Guardians. He sells armor for Titans, Emblems, and Vanguard Armor.

Warlock Vanguard

Ikora Rey is the Vanguard for all Warlock Guardians. She sells armor for Warlocks, Emblems, and Vanguard Armor.

Xur, Agent of the Nine

This vendor appears from Friday until Sunday, just a brief 48 hour period, every week. He sells Exotic Weapons, Exotic Armor, and consumables in exchange for Strange Coins and Motes of Light. He changes position weekly so do a search or ask around for him.

The Vanguards give you class equipment from quests and sell class specific items.

Tower Hangar


Amanda Holiday sells Spaceships and Vehicles in exchange for Glimmer.

Vanguard Quartermaster

Roni 55-30 will trade Legendary Weapons and Armor for Vanguard Marks. You can also purchase some Rare Sparrows or do a resource exchange for some Glimmer and Vanguard Marks.

Dead Orbit

Arach Jalaal heads the Dead Orbit faction at the Tower. He is an Awoken that sells Armor, Weapons, and Emblems for Dead Orbit. You’ll need to don their cloak to earn Reputation for them.

Future War Cult

Lakshmi-2 is the head of the Future War Cult in the Tower. An Exo, she sells Armor, Weapons, and Emblems for the Future War Cult. Like the Dead Orbit faction, you’ll need to purchase and don their cloak to earn Reputation.

The Shipwright (left) is used to purchase new ships or vehicles from. Xur (right) is a special vendor who only appears at weekends and sells legendary and exotic items. He moves location each week.

Tower North

Guardian Outfitter

Eva Levante is a character that sells Emblems and Shaders for Guardians to customize their look.

Voice of the Traveler

The Speaker is the representative of the Traveler and guides the Guardians against the Darkness. In exchange for Motes of Light, the Speaker sells Legendary Armor and Emblems.

New Monarchy

Executor Hideo is a human that heads the New Monarchy. Like the other factions he will sell Armor, Weapons, and Emblems for New Monarchy. You must wear their cloak to earn Reputation with them.

Factions (left) can be joined and you can earn reputation from them. You can then buy faction specific items from the vendors. The Speaker (right) sells legendary equipment in exchange for Motes of Light.


There are three Factions in the Tower outside of the Vanguard and Crucible. When you do Bounties, complete missions on Patrol, and complete Strikes you’ll earn Reputation towards the Vanguard. Crucible Bounties and fighting in the Crucible will earn you Reputation for the Crucible. Reaching higher Ranks for these Factions will allow you to purchase new Armor/Weapons from them using Vanguard Marks or Crucible Marks.

Joining a new faction is completely optional, but there are benefits. In particular, the biggest benefit is having gear with specific Stat Bonuses. The gear you may purchase from the Vanguard and Crucible has random bonuses, but each Faction has a specific set. Dead Orbit always has Discipline/Strength equipment, the Future War Cult always has Intellect/Discipline equipment, and the New Monarchy always has Strength/Intellect equipment. These bonuses allow you to purchase high quality Legendary Armor to suit your play style. If you prefer to use your Melee Modifier and Grenades then sign up with Dead Orbit. If Grenades and Super Abilities are your specialty, join the Future War Cult. Or do you prefer your Super Ability and Melee Modifier? Then New Monarchy is for you.

Increasing Reputation with these factions is quite simple. Spend 2500 Glimmer to purchase a cloak and wear it. Any time you would normally acquire Crucible or Vanguard Reputation while wearing the cloak, you’ll receive Reputation for your faction of choice. In addition, you will not receive the Vanguard or Crucible Reputation that you normally would have.

Reputation, Marks, Motes of Light, Strange Coins

To earn Reputation for the Vanguard you’ll need to complete Bounties, Strikes, or Patrol Missions. Bounties are simple enough. Just speak with the Bounty Tracker in the Tower and pick up a Vanguard Bounty. Head to the location of the Bounty and complete it for some Reputation and an Experience Bonus. You are limited to how many of these you can do though, so doing Patrol Missions will be your next fastest way to get Reputation as each one gives 10 or 25 Reputation depending on which one you do. Head to any planet on Patrol Mode and simply trigger a beacon to get a mission. Note that wearing a cloak for a secondary Faction will net Reputation for them and not for the Vanguard.

Reputation in the Crucible is simple; grab the Bounties and start playing your favorite style of Player vs. Player. Upon completion you’ll receive some Reputation and perhaps have completed some of the Bounties involved with fighting other Guardians. Again, wearing a cloak for a secondary Faction will net Reputation for them and not for the Crucible.

Vanguard Marks and Crucible Marks are acquired once you achieve Level 18. At this point you’ll receive a notification and short detail about this. Each week you may obtain up to 100 Vanguard Marks and 100 Crucible Marks. Turning in resources will net 250 Glimmer, 100 Reputation, and 5 Vanguard/Crucible Marks and is a decent way to obtain them overtime. Arguably the fastest way to obtain Vanguard Marks is the Strike Playlist. You can play these at any time after Level 18. Once you reach Level 20 you’ll unlock the Daily Heroic Mission and Weekly Heroic Strike. These are also great for obtaining Strange Coins and Ascendant Materials. Lastly, at level 25 and higher you gain access to a Weekly Nightfall Mission, a very difficult but rewarding challenge. Motes of Light are obtained randomly from Crucible matches, Vanguard Strikes, Loot Chests, and decoding engrams though each time you fill the experience bar at Level 20, you’ll acquire a Mote of Light.

Strike Playlist


  • Level: 18
  • Vanguard Marks: 0
  • Reputation: 10


  • Level: **** 20
  • Vanguard Marks: 2
  • Reputation: **** 12


  • Level: 22
  • Vanguard Marks: 3
  • Reputation: 14


  • Level: 24
  • Vanguard Marks: 6
  • Reputation: 25

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