• Level 26 - XP Bonus +4000
  • Level 30 - XP Bonus +5500
  • Level 32 - XP Bonus +7500, Mote of Light

Intercept the Fallen Wolves who have fled to Venus.

“And as the others banded together at what the Earthborn call the Twilight Gap, the Wolves were denied Earth.” - The Maraid

Reward: Legendary Weapon, Emblem Reward

Hunting Skolas

You start the mission in the Ashen Coves. Steal a Pike and get moving, keep note that strafing with R1 and L1 will drop mines now. At the end of the path you’ll find a Wolf Walker and you’ll need to take it out. Using the Pike makes this fast and using mines allows you to keep the Dregs and Vandals off you while you focus on the large mechanical tank. With the path cleared out, ride the Pike to the end of the line and jump up the platform. More Dregs are accompanied by a Major Servitor, it’s a pretty open area though so you shouldn’t have a problem with this encounter.

Ahead you’ll meet Skolas and you’ll need to damage him. He’ll take off and you’re left to deal with Tracer Shanks and Dregs. Climb the hills after Skolas and you’ll find more Fallen littering the path. First up are Dregs with a Servitor, take the Servitor out first so the Dregs aren’t healing. A second set of Dregs and Servitor await around the corner with Tracer Shanks providing long range rifle support. Be wary of the mines in the ground, when they are triggered a little ball appears that will explode and cause the area around it to slow you. You can shoot this ball and effectively disarm the bomb. Turn the corner to find Silent Fang, an invisible Major Captain, and some Vandals. Here is a great time to use some Heavy Ammo and quickly clear the area.

Inside the cave you’ll find Skolas is escaping on a ketch ship, but at least there are Wolves to be cleared out! A Major Scorch Captain will be your primary target as other Fallen approach from a distance. Take this Captain out and collect his Scorch Cannon. The trick to using this thing is to realize it charges after being shot. Shoot a round to cause a large explosion and decent damage, but if continue holding the trigger you’ll make it charge up before exploding. Letting the weapon charge like this often deals over 10,000 damage and that’s plenty to take out Majors in a single shot. So don’t waste your shots, carefully shoot and charge for 3 clicks before releasing trigger for major damage.

Using the Scorch Cannon correctly makes the waves of enemies much more bearable. You’ll encounter another Major Scorch Captain during these waves and some exploding Shanks that you’ll need to be careful of. Once you’ve cleared out 3 waves of enemies you’ll be done and the mission will be completed.

Completion: “What Whirlwind whisked away will be rewrought, and every kell and ketch will kneel to the Kell of Kells.” -Prophecy, House of Rain

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