The Mothyards

Head back to the Mothyards and turn left to spot a shed amidst the rubble and wrecked aircraft. Your Ghost can be deployed to unlock a Sparrow , a new form of travel. Summon your Ghost and then the Summon Vehicle button to begin riding your new toy. Avoid the Lunar Complex and instead turn right to enter a canyon that leads to The Forgotten Shore.

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A New Steed

Obtain and equip a new personal vehicle.

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The Forgotten Shore

There are plenty of beaten up airships and boats in this forsaken area. The objective is to locate two signals and amplify them. The first signal is on a pole in the middle of a large ship. You’ll encounter a Vandal Captain so take it out before using your Ghost to get the next signal. In the far north you will find numerous Fallen guarding a large ruined structure where the next signal seems to be. Hop on the Sparrow and ride up the road to the large satellite complex.

Vehicles (left) are an excellent way of traversing the landscape. You must find both signals (right) and both are surrounded by Fallen. Beware!

Terrestrial Complex - Darkness Zone

As you reach the complex, enter via the rear entrance where you’ll encounter a large battle. Fallen litter this complex and a Captain provides a challenge at the start; use a grenade to break his shields.

Your new objective is to resist the Fallen and there will be a few waves. The Fallen are tapping into a computer on the left platform and you’ll need to use the pillars and equipment around the room as cover so you can eliminate the Dregs, Stealth Vandal, and a Captain. Deploy your Ghost at the computer; it then cues you in for the next wave by saying, “This may take some time.” Keep moving and taking cover or you will get swarmed quickly. A larger wave will appear at the other side of the room. Vandals and Dregs will fight up close while Captains fight from behind. Using a Heavy Weapon to take out the Captains isn’t a bad idea at this point and using your Special to rapidly clear some of the Dregs that rush you is useful as well.

Stealth Vandals (left) are fast and very powerful. They are hard to see because of their cloak. Servitors (right) can heal nearby Fallen but their weak spot is the eye in the middle.

With the wave completed you’ll be forced to fight some Servitors , a new enemy that will heal the Dregs that attack you. Fire at their “eye” to cause critical damage and take them out quickly. They enter in from near the terminal so you will need to shift your position a little bit if you had been stationed near your Ghost during the first wave. Destroy the terminal and the mission will be completed.

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