Tactically efficient, disciplined, and unrelenting, the Cabal are the greatest known military force in the system. Their origins and ultimate objectives are a mystery, but it seems clear they have conquered more worlds than humanity has ever known. Cabal soldiers wear pressurized armor that replicates the environment of their high-gravity homeworld. Their field tactics depend on ranks of Legionaries supported by air power, elite infantry, and ultra-heavy armor.


Sand Eaters

The Cabal formation first and most frequently encountered by Guardians, the Sand Eaters represent the numerical bulk of the Cabal presence on Mars. Their equipment, tactics, and morale all show the weight of a long deployment - but they continue to pursue their objectives with dogged, weary determination.

Dust Giants

Highly trained and heavily conditioned, Dust Giant soldiers seem to be recruited from veteran Sand Eater infantry. The Cabal order of battle positions them as a mobile reserve and shock force, rolled in to blunt major Vex offensives and reinforce crumbling lines.

Siege Dancers

The Cabal’s elite forward unit, the Siege Dancers are deployed into unsecured areas to take control and set up fortifications. Their tactical doctrine allows more freedom to unit commanders - perhaps because their missions face much greater unknowns. Siege Dancer engineers have been observed to compete in demolition challenges. Whether this represents training or a form of recreation is unknown.

Blind Legion

The Cabal presence on Mars is locked in an endless war with the Vex - and at the heart of this war is the Blind Legion. Deployed to defend vital artifacts seized from the Vex, the Legion holds its ground with fanatic zeal. Blind Legion soldiers brave one of the most thankless, grueling assignments in the Cabal order of battle: descending into buried ruins and black catacombs to sweep for Vex presence.


Propelled by jump packs and wielding powerful slug rifles, Legionaries are the Cabal’s line infantry and the backbone of their military power on the ground. Common Legionary tactics center on the bounding advance - some units attack the target while others close the range or find new firing positions.


Weapons : Slug Rifle

Weak Point : Head

These are the foot soldiers of the Cabal. This standard-issue unit has the ability to leap large distances with its jet pack. This ability is used to leap from cover at you or to get back to cover quickly. They have small heads compared to their bodies, but they move slowly and are open for Precision Damage. Legionaries will always fall behind a Phalanx for added protection.


Centurions are tactically intelligent, highly skilled field commanders. Their armor boasts a formidable array of combat electronics and deployable munitions.


Weapons : Projection Rifle or Slug Rifle, Solar Shield

Weak Point : Head

The Centurion is a challenging enemy that fights like a Legionary. It has a jet pack to easily maneuver and it moves quicker than a Legionary, and they normally come with a Projection Rifle for heavy hitting shots. Use a Solar Weapon to break the shield then aim for head shots to stagger the Centurion. Try not to let the Centurion recover its shield or you’ll be going through the process again. A Super Ability or Heavy Weapon isn’t a bad idea against these powerful foes.


Towering over other Cabal, equipped with rapid-firing heavy weapons and nearly impenetrable armor, the Colossus is the most devastating heavy infantry unit in the Cabal order of battle.


Weapons : Heavy Slug Thrower

Weak Point : Head

Larger than any of the Cabal, the Colossus is everything you would fear in an enemy. Wielding a large rapid-fire weapon, the Colossus will mow you down if you try to get too close. A Colossus can also fire heat-seeking rockets from its shoulders should you be in cover nearby. Colossi aren’t very mobile though, and because of this you should be able to hit them with heavy damage and a Grenade should do the trick.


Psions are smaller than all other Cabal morphs, and may be an unrelated species. Hyper-intelligent, fast and unpredictable, they possess strong psionic capabilities - including the ability to emit disorienting and deadly psychokinetic Arc blasts.


Weapons : Slug Rifle, Psionic Blast

Weak Point : Head

Epic Modifier : Gains a Void Shield

This foe is nimble and moves quickly; they are very different from the other Cabal. They are smart and hide, taking shots when they can. The most deadly thing these creatures can do is use a Psionic Blast. This attack will send a wave of energy out towards you and you’ll need to jump to avoid it.


Phalanx soldiers carry massive shields, used for both attack and defense. While this protection is nearly impenetrable, clever opponents can bait the Phalanx or sneak shots around the shield.


Weapons : Slug Rifle

Weak Point : Head

The Phalanx is essentially a Legionary with a shield. The shield is a big deal though because it will nullify all damage. When the Phalanx attempts to shoot you, fire at the hands or feet to stumble them. The shield will move away and expose the body, so take this chance to land a head shot and end the fight. They often come in groups of 3 or more; at this time it’s best to use a Grenade just behind them or on their shield to quickly take them down.

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