The Moon is a different style area than Earth for obvious reasons. It lacks ruins that you find in Old Russia but features developments foreign to it. The Fallen and Hive are still very prominent in this area; the Hive dug deep into the Moon’s core to forge a stronghold here. In addition to the enemies and change of scenery is a new resource, Helium Filaments.

Archers Line

You start off at the bottom of a hill in Archer’s Line. Head over to the accelerator and enter the left building. There is a terminal in the back of the room so deploy your Ghost to hack in and find information on the Guardian. Once the scene is over you’ll be dealt a bad hand as Fallen have entered the building. Use the pillars as cover and take out the lesser Fallen but just be careful as you move to the doorway as Stealth Vandals lay in wake. There is a Captain off to the right side; he drops down from the platform. It’s best to take him out with a Super Ability or Heavy Weapon.

Outside you’ll encounter more Fallen, including a Captain and Servitor. Do your best to eliminate the Servitor so that it isn’t healing the other Fallen. With the final group eliminated outside, the vehicle link is established and you may use your Sparrow on the Moon. Take to the rooftop and wait for a Dreg to show up on a Pike . Pick him off and hijack the vehicle; it’s yours now! Head under the accelerator to the Anchor of Light where you’ll be met with some resistance. Light up the Fallen with the shock cannons on the Pike and exchange it for a new one before moving on. Head inside the Temple of Crota and have your Ghost scan the computer inside.

Watch out for the Fallen that come out on the right (left). Pikes (right) are really powerful vehicles so you should try to grab one as soon as you can.

Temple of Crota

Before heading in you’ll want to hang back near the opening and take out the Servitor and Captain. Drop down then proceed to the bottom of the hill. There’s a large gate nearby, but also the Guardian that your Ghost can scan. Hive will emerge from the gate and the area becomes a Darkness Zone. Thrall will charge you as expected while the Acolytes and Knight fire from the back. Quickly eliminate the Thrall and take cover. Pick off the Acolytes with headshots so you can use a grenade on the Knight. This gets you in the clear for now. Enter the temple and follow the path to the right up the steps.

Located here is a Major Wizard , a more powerful version of the Wizards you’ve previously battled. The area is long and open so you can potentially whittle it down from a distance; arguably the safest way but not necessarily the fastest. A Super Ability or Heavy Weapon is always best for higher ranked enemies and this is no different, especially since it’s the end of the mission. Revive the Dead Ghost once the Hive have been eliminated to complete the mission and return to the Tower. Here you can visit the Speaker to receive a Speaker’s Writ , an item that you may exchange with the Gunsmith.

The Fallen will rush you and there will be strong enemies like Knights in the group (left). The Wizard (right) here is fairly powerful, but can be dealt with using strong weapons/attacks.

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