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Sons of the Forest Zipline: How to Get the Rope Gun and Use Zipelines

Craig Robinson

As you’ve been exploring, you may come across some lines set up in caves, and other areas of the map. These are prebuilt zip lines; if you cross them, you will need a "Rope Gun" iconRope Gun. Luckily for you, the "Rope Gun" iconRope Gun is not too far away from either the mountain spawn, and the beach spawn. We will teach you how to get the "Rope Gun" iconRope Gun in the Sons of the Forest, along with using the Sons of the Forest ziplines.

How to get Sons of the Forest Rope Gun

To get access to the "Rope Gun" iconRope Gun in the Sons of the Forest, you need to head into the Miner’s Cave (you can check out its location on our Interactive Map too). This is a boarded-up cave near where the several streams come down the mountains. Imagine if you’re looking down the mountain with our GPS maxed zoomed out on the map, then you want to head down the left side of the streams and find the cave in that direction. We’ve added a screenshot to show you the cave if you’re confused by the lack of direction this game offers.

Here is where to find the "Rope Gun" iconRope Gun cave location in Sons of the Forest.

Once you get there, you will need to smash down the wooden planks barricading the cave. Doing so will allow you get access into it. Make sure to equip your axe and break those planks; an ominous sound will play. Head inside.

Be warned, there’s a few of those pulsating faceless mutants in the first area of the cave. There are roughly four or five, so make sure you’ve got some "Leaf Armor" iconLeaf Armor, or "Creepy Armor" iconCreepy Armor on you. You get "Creepy Armor" iconCreepy Armor by skinning the mutants in game. Spears are also genuinely decent against these characters, thanks to the knockback and reach. Once you’re done, look at the meds, pick up the clues, and cross in the area from the fallen miners.

The other thing you need to know is the next stage is a small crack in the wall where a miner died. His body has some explosives. You’ll need these, as there’s a Sluggy beyond the cracks. Use either the grenade you got from the Helicopter crash, or the Timed Bombs from the floor to take it out. Doing so will award you with the Pinata achievement too!

Now proceed on. And explore the cave. Be warned, there are more of the faceless pulsating enemies, and a few of those walking teethy enemies too. You will also have to deal with some of the mutant babies as well. But, if you sneak, you can surprise them with a "Molotov" iconMolotov and deal with them that way. The teeth mutants, however, are quite tough. If you have the "Stun Gun" iconStun Gun, that will be incredibly handy to fight them. Once again, check for loot for more goodies and meds, and take that creepy armor.

You will find the "Rope Gun" iconRope Gun on the floor at the end of the Miner's Cave. It is now allowing you to start using Sons of the Forest's Ziplines.

Eventually, you’ll come across a tunnel that leads you either up or left. If you choose to go left, you will come across a ledge. On the ledge is the "Rope Gun" iconRope Gun, along with a Zipline to cross. Now you have the "Rope Gun" iconRope Gun in the Sons of the Forest, all you need to do is walk up to the Zipline, and press “E”. This will take you to a secret exit from the cave. Be warned that a conjoined hip enemy is below, so you want to run if you’re hurt and get out of the cave via the secret exit.

Sons of the Forest Ziplines: How to make your own

You need to place a Zipleine "Rope" iconRope in your "Rope Gun" iconRope Gun, and shoot it into two surfaces to make your own Sons of the Forest Zipline.

Now that you have the "Rope Gun" iconRope Gun, you can traverse Zip Lines. But, more importantly, you can combine the "Rope Gun" iconRope Gun and the "Zipline Rope" iconZipline Rope to create your own pathways. Simply equip the "Rope Gun" iconRope Gun, and then fire it to create Ziplines in Sons of the Forest. You can then press E on them and travel down the Ziplines to reach your new destination.

Just make sure you connect the Zipline to two surfaces. So, we recommend shooting it at a tree, a rock wall, or a man-made wall on the receiving end, and then again on the starting end. Once you’ve done that, you will have an intact "Zipline Rope" iconZipline Rope. You make sure either end doesn’t get destroyed, or you’ll lose the "Zipline Rope" iconZipline Rope, and have to remake it.

And there you have it, you now know how to get the "Rope Gun" iconRope Gun in the Sons of the Forest. And, more importantly, you now know how to use Ziplines in Sons of the Forest.


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