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Where to Find the Shotgun in Sons of the Forest

Matt Chard

If you’re looking for a gun that packs more of a punch in Sons of the Forest, then look no further than the Shotgun. It deals a lot of damage while taking relatively no effort to obtain it. The only trouble you may have is finding ammo for it, but that’s a different page. This page will show you where you can find the shotgun and its attachments.

Shotgun Location

There are two places to find the "Pump Action Shotgun" iconPump Action Shotgun, one is in a Grave Site which will require a "Shovel" iconShovel, while the other is inside a bunker. Although there are two shotguns in the game, you’ll only be able to pick up one of them unless you give it to the companion Virginia first.

The easiest of the two (not by much) is the Grave Site, but as stated above it’ll require the "Shovel" iconShovel. You can find the Shovel here. The Grave Site you’re looking for is in the far northwest corner of the map, northwest of the Food Storage Bunker. It can be difficult to find at first, especially in Autumn where the fallen leaves may obscure the wooden cross in the ground. When you find the cross, face down at the floor to see a shovel icon. Equip your "Shovel" iconShovel, and dig around the area in front of the cross, and you’ll eventually unearth the Shotgun. You won’t see the Shotgun per se, but you will see the Shotgun icon.

(1 of 3) The Grave Site Shotgun (requires "Shovel" iconShovel) can be found in the northwest while the Bunker Shotgun can be found on the bar in the east.

The second shotgun location can be found on the complete opposite side of the map in a Bunker to the northeast. From the northeast of the mountainous region, head directly east until you get near the coastline. Now the bunker itself is in a rock face near the coastline, but not on the coastline, so you may need to walk up, and down the east side of the map. Eventually, you’ll find the Bunker, but be warned that this leads to the last area in the game, and it’ll require a "VIP Keycard" iconVIP Keycard which you can find here. This is quite a large Bunker which makes sense considering it’s the last one you need to go to in the game. Once you enter the bunker, you’ll need to follow it all the way to the end until you reach a bar area with circular windows behind it. The shotgun, with some Slug Shells, will be lying on the bar counter.

Shotgun Attachment Locations

Here is where you can find all the Shotgun Attachments.

There is only one Shotgun-specific attachment which is the "Shotgun Rail" iconShotgun Rail, although you can attach either the "Flashlight Attachment" iconFlashlight Attachment or the Laser Attachment to it. The "Shotgun Rail" iconShotgun Rail can be found inside the Food Storage Bunker on one of the shelves in a side room. You can find the "Flashlight Attachment" iconFlashlight Attachment on a corpse, in a cave on the west side of the map, near the mountainous region. Finally, you can find the Laser Attachment mod inside the Maintenance A Bunker, but you’ll need the "Shovel" iconShovel to access it.


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