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Sons of the Forest

All Sons of the Forest Outfits: Locations & Stat Bonuses

Craig Robinson

Sons of the Forest survival elements will make players want to adapt their clothing choices to suit the environment or tasks. The correct source of clothing at different times will help to mitigate some of your energy loss, or increase your benefits in certain areas. So, if you want to min-max your gameplay, or make surviving hard mode easier, then here all the Sons of the Forest outfits in-game. Moreso, we will show you the locations of all the Sons of the Forest outfits as well.

Here is a look at the Outfits in the Sons of the Forest, what they do, and where to get them.

All Sons of the Forest Outfits

In total, there are many outfits you can get in Sons of the Forest, Some of these outfits are for Virginia, to give her some different cosmetics, while others are for yourself. We’ve also included the maks, as you can technically use these items to affect your appearance in-game, largely to ignore the cannibal tribes in the game, such as the gold mask and red mask tribes.

  1. "Blazer" iconBlazer
  2. "Camouflage Suit" iconCamouflage Suit
  3. "Dress" iconDress
  4. "Gold Armor" iconGold Armor
  5. "Gold Mask" iconGold Mask
  6. Hoodie
  7. "Leather Jacket" iconLeather Jacket
  8. Leather Outfit
  9. "Pajamas" iconPajamas
  10. Mask Red
  11. Tactical Jacket
  12. "Tracksuit" iconTracksuit
  13. "Tuxedo" iconTuxedo
  14. "Wetsuit" iconWetsuit
  15. "Winter Jacket" iconWinter Jacket

For the most part, some of these items are largely just cosmetic, with the examples like the Leather Jacket, Tactical Vest, Tuxedo, Blazer doing fairly similar things. They will all do different levels of comfort, temperature resistance, and water resistance. Some better than others in certain areas, but, they are the clothing you will typically wear during the spring and summer.

Meanwhile, clothes like the !Hoodie, Winter Jacket, and Wet Suit offer players better stats for winter or wet environments. The Wetsuit is much better at handling water, and thus making your character cold and wet. The winter jacket is also very good at managing the temperature and some level of water resistance. Meanwhile, the !Hoodie does not offer as strong stats as these two items of clothing, but is generally a more all-rounder for the winter and fall months.

Moreover, you have the niche items, like masks, Pajamas, and gold armor. Pajamas are a clothing you wear if you want to buff your sleep, as they provide the best comfort for sleeping. Meanwhile, Gold armor has no statistical benefits, but, it’s an outfit you wear at the end of the game to get into the Cube as you finish the game’s storyline. As for the masks, these items are used like an outfit, albeit are held items. These allow you to intimidate cannibals, essentially serving like the artifacts in The Forest.

Lastly, the Camo, Tracksuit, and Dress are clothing designed for personalizing Virginia. When you manage to reach a trusted relationship with her, you will trade with her. You can give these clothes to her.

Where to find all Sons of the Forest Outfit Locations

There are many Sons of the Forest Outfit locations throughout the map.

If you want any particular outfit, or you just want to collect all the outfit and get the Fashionista achievement, then you need to find them. Below you can find all the locations of the outfits in Sons of the Forest. Note, we have linked their position on GamerGuide’s interactive map, so, if you want to exact their location on the map, you can easily find them here. But, it’s not entirely necessary, as we also have descriptions of where to find each one.

Trophy/Achievement Icon


Collect every piece of clothing

Trophy icon
Clothing Items Location (Map Links)
"Blazer" iconBlazer Head to the Food Bunker area of the map, marked with the green POI marker near the Beach Cave, in the large round field area of the map. When you’re closer to that area of the map, look for a circular path in the area. One of these circular roads will be a mass grave site. The "Blazer" iconBlazer is inside the mass grave site near the beach cave.
"Camouflage Suit" iconCamouflage Suit Like the "Blazer" iconBlazer, you need to make your way to the beach on the coast near the Food Bunker. ANow head towards the, where you can somewhat see and smallish beach.When you find the right one, you’ll find a little camp, with some Kayaks
"Dress" iconDress When you get the "Maintenance Keycard" iconMaintenance Keycard, you can then enter inside the Food Bunker. When inside, progress through the bunker as normal, and then go through the door to where the VIps, now mutants lay dead. On one of the rear tables of the Food Bunker is a dress.
"Gold Armor" iconGold Armor Now you need to travel to the second to last bunker, located onm the southeast side of the map. When you enter, go through the bunker, and travel down to the third floor, and enter the bedrooms. The Gold armor is in one of the rooms on the sofa.
"Gold Mask" iconGold Mask Like the gold armor, you can grab the gold mask on the fifth floor of the same bunker. It is inside the morgue, on one of the corpses in the room.
Hoodie Follow the road out of the cave with the Shovel and Slingshot, and then follow it towards a cannibal camp. You may need to fight your way through to the tents.The hoodie is inside one of the tents.
"Leather Jacket" iconLeather Jacket Travel to the Maintenance B Shaft, which is more south of the main cave and bunker complex at the start of the game. Partway down, you will come across a POI inside a cannibal village. Now look at your GPS map, and find the light green along the mountain incline nearby. Here, you will find a crashed plane, with the jacket beside the dead pilot.
Leather Outfit One of the outfits Virginia can wear. LOCATION: Currently Unknown
"Pajamas" iconPajamas Go and find the "3D Printer" icon3D Printer cave near the start of the game. Follow the winding stream down from the central lake, and then look for the POI on your map. When inside, use your "Maintenance Keycard" iconMaintenance Keycard to enter the bunker. Now you’re inside, head inside the Sauna area of the Gym Bunker.
Red Mask This is an item you can make via the "3D Printer" icon3D Printer. You can find them in several POIs, including the early-game bunker cave at the bottom of the lake area.
Tactical Jacket You spawn with it
"Tracksuit" iconTracksuit Go and find the "3D Printer" icon3D Printer cave near the start of the game. Follow the winding stream down from the central lake, and then look for the POI on your map. When inside, use your "Maintenance Keycard" iconMaintenance Keycard to enter the bunker. Now you’re inside, look for the bench press inside the Gym Bunker
"Tuxedo" iconTuxedo You need to get the Shovel and head towards the POI to the north of the Shovel Cave. When you arrive, dig into the ground, then get inside the hatch. Follow the path down to the bedroom, enter,m and then walk into the bathroom. In the bathroom is a dresser with the Tuxedo on the side.
"Wetsuit" iconWetsuit When you’ve completed the Rope Gun and Rebreather Caves, you must head into the Shovel Cave. Here, you can get the Shovel. But, along the way, you can find the Wetsuit by the watery area of the cave.
"Winter Jacket" iconWinter Jacket The winter Jacket is slightly hard to find, thanks to no obvious landmarks nearby. The best way to describe it head south, going toward the lake near the mountain with two circles that merge into each other. Further down the mountain from those lakes is another lake shaped like a foot. Along this lake is an abandoned camp, with the jacket inside.
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