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How to Get the Stun Gun in Sons of the Forest

Scott Peers

The "Stun Gun" iconStun Gun is one of the more useful items to acquire in the early game for Sons of the Forest. It will allow you to temporarily stun some powerful enemies, giving you time to breathe in tense fights. We’ll show you where to find the "Stun Gun" iconStun Gun at its cave location on this page and you can also see where it is immediately by visiting our Interactive Map.

Location of the Stun Gun in Sons of the Forest

The "Stun Gun" iconStun Gun can be found in a cave marked on the map at the location shown in the screenshot below. Since there’s no compass in the game at this stage, you’ll need to look for the estuary shown on the map in the screenshot and match the geography on your "GPS Tracker" iconGPS Tracker to find it. Once you’re outside the cave, it would be wise to set up a shelter and then save your game before you enter it, and make sure you rest up before going in there.

The entrance to the cave where you'll find the "Stun Gun" iconStun Gun, close to an estuary as shown on the map.

The cave is close to one of the helicopter crash sites near a beach, so if you’re lucky enough to spawn here you can get the gun early on. However, you will need to fight some cannibals and creatures inside, so make sure that you’re well prepared with a good amount of health, supplies, and weapons such as the "Modern Axe" iconModern Axe. If you’re not confident in going in just yet, take some time to improve your character by crafting better gear first. At the very least, you’ll need your "Tactical Axe" iconTactical Axe to break the wooden barricade at the entrance to the cave, but this can also be a decent weapon in the right hands.

Where to Find the Stun Gun in the Cave

Once you’re inside the cave, you’ll need to equip a light source to see anything in the darkness. There are some lamps on the ground which you can use to orient yourself, but if you don’t want to feel completely lost you can make good use of a torch, flashlight, or lighter to provide varying degrees of light to your surroundings. You’ll need this as you move deeper into the cave, where you’ll encounter some enemies. It will help to have the "Pistol" iconPistol or a Bow to defeat the enemies here, but you can use something like the "Tactical Axe" iconTactical Axe, "Modern Axe" iconModern Axe, or "Crafted Spear" iconCrafted Spear if you’re careful.

A great alternative to the above weapons is the use of "Molotov" iconMolotovs. You’ll need 1 "Vodka Bottle" iconVodka Bottle and 1 "Cloth" iconCloth to craft each "Molotov" iconMolotov, but it’s worth having a few to hand if you get overwhelmed by enemies. Although not the most graceful or even the safest tactic, if you’re in a panicked rush you can actually run all the way to the back of the cave where most of the enemies are, hide in one of the enclaves where they can’t reach you, and throw "Molotov" iconMolotovs at them so that they die quickly without being able to hit you. This is a risky tactic since you could get hit along the way, but if you can pull it off you’ll save on ammunition or the need to be careful with melee weapons, at the expense of using some crafting materials for the "Molotov" iconMolotovs.

(1 of 3) Be careful around this creature, which can hit you from any direction when you're close.

Kill the Cannibals and Monsters

Aside from some of the standard cannibal enemies that you’ve probably encountered in the wilderness by now, there’s also a fairly powerful creature in this cave which has the ability to hit you in a 360 arc regardless of where you’re positioned around it. You’ll benefit from using ranged weapons to take this one out, since getting too close could kill you in one or two hits from melee. If you have no ranged weapons, you will need to be extremely careful to avoid being hit as you maneuver in and out of melee range from the creature, while striking blows of your own.

Another powerful creature that you’ll find in this cave has numerous tentacles for arms. As you might expect, it has a great deal of reach so you’ll want to keep your distance from it where possible as well. It may take a few attempts to kill all of the enemies in this cave, but so long as you saved at a shelter just outside, you can keep coming back in and the enemies will be at the same health level that you left them at. In this way you can slowly chip away at them if necessary. Keep in mind that this is one of the easier caves out there, so it’ll provide a good learning curve.

After dealing with the enemies, however you choose to do it, keep moving deeper into the cave until you come across a radio speaker which is playing music. Continue beyond this and follow the path until you encounter some baby-like creatures. These are among the weakest enemies so you should be able to kill them in one hit with most weapons. Just beyond these creatures you’ll find a worker hanged at the back of the cave. All you need to do now is approach them, look up, and loot the "Stun Gun" iconStun Gun.

(1 of 2) Find this speaker in the cave and keep going beyond it to locate the "Stun Gun" iconStun Gun.

Find this speaker in the cave and keep going beyond it to locate the "Stun Gun" iconStun Gun. (left), You'll find the "Stun Gun" iconStun Gun on the body of this hanging worker. (right)


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