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Sons of the Forest: How to get Water and Make a Flask

Craig Robinson

Water is an essential survival feature and one you must respect in Sons of the Forest. Luckily, there are a few ways to get water, with players able to find it everywhere. Here we teach you how to get water in Sons of the Forest and other ways to keep hydrated.

Here is how to get water in the Sons of the Forest using a variety of tips.

How to get Water in Sons of the Forest

There are a variety of methods of how to get water in Sons of the Water:

  1. Drinking clean stream water
  2. "Energy Drink" iconEnergy Drinks, smoothies, and other items
  3. Eat edible plants
  4. 3D Print a "Flask" iconFlask

Let us start with the first one. To get access to water immediately, you can head up to a bit of a lake, or wide area of a stream, and press E on it. Note, you must press G to lower your items in your hand, as you need one hand spare to pick up water and drink from it. It doesn’t appear you can drink seawater either. It also doesn’t seem like the Rain Collector is in the game yet, as there are no building pieces for the "Turtle Shell" iconTurtle Shell at this point in the early access launch.

The other methods of getting water in Sons of the Forest require item pick-ups. You can find energy drinks in those smashable boxes. These are often found in points of interest, landmarks, tribal village loot, caves and other game areas. When you pick them up, feel free to go into your inventory, and look in the top left section of it. You can find drinks of various forms around there.

Lastly, if you’re desperate just to pick up your hydration and hunger while moving, feel free to eat berries. Certain edible cuisine foods will restore some hunger and water to your character. Examples of these include "Blueberries" iconBlueberries, "Salmonberries" iconSalmonberries, and "Yarrow" iconYarrow. Other food sources like "Chicory" iconChicory will grant energy and hunger, while "Aloe Vera" iconAloe Vera will grant hunger and health.

How to Make a flask in Sons of the Forest

(1 of 2) You can find the "3D Printer" icon3D Printer cave here, allowing you to make a flask to get water in the Sons of the Forest.

You can find the "3D Printer" icon3D Printer cave here, allowing you to make a flask to get water in the Sons of the Forest. (left), Use the flask to scoop clean water up, so you have a lot of water on the move. (right)

You can make new items when you discover the "3D Printer" icon3D Printer. The only known location of a "3D Printer" icon3D Printer so far is in one of the GPS point of interest below the small lake below the several streams coming down the mountains. You’ll find this brings you to a small cave near a small flowing stream, with a lab inside. See the first image for the location on the GPS.

In one of the rooms is a "3D Printer" icon3D Printer, while the "3D Printer Resin" icon3D Printer Resin is already supplied. You can use this to craft a "3D Printed Flask" icon3D Printed Flask. This will help you with water management in your early game. Once you’ve got your "Flask" iconFlask, you can equip it, go up to a water supply, and press ‘E’ once again to store the water inside the flask. If you need to drink from it, open you inventory, find the flask in the bottom left, and then click the drink button.

This concludes the best methods of getting water in Sons of the Forest, as of the initial early access launch. If more ways are added, such as Rain Collectors, or "Turtle Shell" iconTurtle Shell Water Collectors, then we will update the page with more information.

Getting Water In Winter In Sons Of The Forest

Winter time makes survival even harsher in Sons of the Forest as many of the water sources such as ponds and lakes freeze over making drinkable watter even rarer. You will need to head to a stream or river to drink or fill up your flask, which in winter becomes an even more essential item.


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